How to Choose the Right Clients for your Escort Services

Right Mindset & Skill Set For Escort Work

For many new escorts or courtesans who are working in the sex industry around the world, you may find that choosing the right clients for you can be a challenge at times.

Right Mindset & Skill Set For Escort Work

Choosing the right clients need not be a dismal experience, in fact, it can be the absolute opposite if you have the right mindset and the skills to go along with it!

When you first start out as an escort or courtesan, you may have absolutely no idea about how to get started or how you are going to sort out the mass of clients out there to find the "GOOD ONES"!

The majority of new escorts and sex workers have absolutely no idea to screen potential clients so that you end up having positive experiences for most of the day, if not, for all of your workdays as an escort.

Quite often escorts and courtesans that have been working in the sex industry for quite some time, still struggle with choosing the right clients for them.

How to Start Screening Clients as an Escort?

How to Start Screening Clients as an Escort?

First of all, when you first start out as an escort working in the sex industry, you must have the right mindset before you even start chatting with potential clients.

Knowing that you are going to have to sort through many undesirable clients first through messaging to find potentially good clients is all part of the job and territory that comes along with being an escort.

Your job is not only to find clients who will behave appropriately but to also find, book and impress enough clients who will return back to you, time and time again!

Before You Start to Find the Right Clients

Before you even try and find and keep the right clients, you need to get your mindset right. What does that mean you may ask? It simply means that you are not going to please everyone, all the time, so don't even try!

Instead, try and understand that if you try and book each and every client that messages you for your escort services, you will be in big TROUBLE! Why you may ask? It's simple, each and every client that messages you, may be prepared to make a time with you and perhaps even pay for your escort services, however, that does not mean that they will conduct themselves in an appropriate way or even return back to you again in the future.

Escorts Need to Work Smart, Not Hard!

Work Smart, Not Hard!

Quite often new and even existing escorts and courtesans think that if they work hard and work long days, they will make plenty of money and literally be rolling in it!

In most cases, this is just a myth and doesn't usually apply to most escorts. In fact, if you work smart and not hard, you will most probably make the same amount of money that you set out to make each day if you simply screen clients and be a little picky with who you shower your escorts services with.

Obviously, if you are too ultra-picky, you won't see any clients at all and won't make a single dime, so you need to find a happy medium that allows you to see potentially good clients and make money as well.

Quick Money

New escorts quite often think that they will get into the escort industry, make as much money as they can and then exit as quickly as possible. Although this may be true for some, it's very rarely true for the majority.

Why you may be asking? Well, it's simple, most new escorts with a fresh face and fresh new ideas tend to burn out very quickly as they don't pace themselves for the long haul, instead, they see any and every single client that messages them, ending in total burnout!

Very rarely, you will make quick money as an escort or courtesan, this is generally because it's not as easy as you think! There are many facets you need to consider when working as an escort, it takes time to sort all of these issues out, therefore, thinking that you are going to make big money fast is not very realistic!

New escorts who take any type of client without screening them first, quite often live to regret their choices and quite often burns out extremely quickly. Burnout tends to happen when you try and make quick money without looking after your mental and physical health, the secret here is balance!

Screening for the Right Clients as an Escort

Screening for the Right Clients as an Escort

Screening for the right type of clients can save you plenty of heartache and negative experiences throughout your workday as an escort. When new escorts start out, they pretty much have no idea about how to screen for the right clients, therefore they end up experiencing negative and uncomfortable situations. This is why screening for the right clients is so important because if you just see anyone, you will most probably regret working as an escort or courtesan.

The First Steps of Screening

When you first start out as an escort, you need to set some basic rules and guidelines for yourself. This means you need to work out what you will and won't accept from the clients.

Set Clear Rules for your sex services

Set Clear Rules

When you are clear about what you will and won't accept from the clients. You will find that you will have more positive experiences with potential and returning clients.

Once you have your rules and guidelines in place, make sure you stick to them and follow them through, otherwise, you will end up regretting bending your rules. There may be an odd occasion here or there when you bend your rules, perhaps the rule you are bending will have very little impact on your time with a particular client, however, in general, try and stick to your set rules as much as possible.

If you are ever in a potentially dangerous situation, you may need to let your rules slide in that instance, especially when it means keeping yourself safe. You will know if you may need to negotiate your rules and guidelines at any particular moment, trust your gut instincts and go with it!

Escort Advertising

Escort Advertising

Be Clear When Advertising

Being clear with the type of escort services you are willing to provide is the first step and then you can work your way from there. For example, if you are not willing to provide any type of protected anal services or oral services, then you need to be upfront and honest in your advertising. Make sure that you are clear in your ad about the type of sex services that you are willing to provide to potential clients. State in your ad that you don't accept certain services or certain behaviours if need be.

Be Direct in Your Advertising

When you are clear in your advertising, you are less likely to receive undesirable messages from potential clients. Include words and statements in your ads such as "NO EXCEPTIONS" or "NO NATURAL SEX SERVICES". Another great statement to make in your ads is the statement NO TIME WASTERS!

Be as direct as you can within your advertising, this will help to eliminate potentially unwanted clients. Obviously, you don't want to come across as undesirable or difficult in your ads, as you may frighten away potentially good clients who will leave you with a positive experience.

Finding a balance is important, so be creative in your ads, so that you invite potentially desirable clients to contact you, rather than time-wasters who have no interest in respecting your advertised sex services.

Certain Ethnicities

Certain Ethnicities

If you have had particularly bad experiences from a certain ethnicity or ethnicities, then you can even include those certain ethnicities as the ones that you won't see. You are not being racist, you are just trying to stay safe!

For example, if you have found time and time again, that a certain ethnicity or ethnicities disrespect you and your rules, then don't be afraid to mention in your ads that you won't accept any booking from those particular ethnicities.

Of course, there will be times when those particular ethnicities won't be honest and will message you anyway, in these particular instances there is not much you can do about it, however when they turn up at the door, you can decline them before you let them in.

If a client turns up at the door, firmly remind them that you don't accept certain ethnicities due to safety reasons and if they won't leave, let them know there is security in the building, on the reception etc. In those rare cases, they still don't leave, make sure you have your safety evacuation plan in place.

Attract Better Clients Through Advertising

Now that you have potentially eliminated certain clients through thorough and accurate advertising, you have a much better chance of capturing the attention of high-value clients who are willing to honour your rules and show you the respect you deserve, thus resulting in more positive experiences.

Attracting better and high-value clients should be your first port of call when adverting your escort sex services. Eliminating time wasters in the initial screening process will certainly help you to make more money as an escort, as well as stay safe!

The Initial Messaging Process

The initial messaging process is the second most important step after tweaking your adverting. Once you have eliminated as many of the less desirable clients, now you can concentrate on sifting through potential new clients that seem to be interested and legitimate.

You will save yourself a whole lot of heartache if you take the initial messaging process extremely seriously. If you fail to spend some time sifting through potential clients who will yield you profit and positive experiences, you will find yourself constantly chasing your tail.

Get Genuine Clients as an Escort

Get Genuine Clients as an Escort

How do you do that, you may ask? Well, it's simple, genuine clients usually ask genuine questions, some of these initial questions usually pertain to location, price, times available, services etc.

When genuine clients ask simple and direct questions, they are usually interested in booking with you. Location is one of the biggest questions, they will ask about, they usually want to know exactly where you are located, because in most cases they need to consider parking and accessibility. Other clients are more worried about privacy issues and if they will be exposed to the greater public.

Once a genuine client asks about the location, they usually want to know a little bit more about a particular sex service you offer. For example, thy may want to know if you include French Kissing in your girlfriend experience. For some clients, French Kissing is essential as it may be something they really enjoy.

Before a genuine client books your escort services, they will quite often confirm the price and duration of your time together. Once a genuine client is satisfied with the information you provide them, usually they will go ahead and book a time with you on that particular day or even within the next few days.

When You Can See A Client Is genuine

When you can see a client is genuine, you really don't mind providing them with the answers they need to know before they go ahead and book with you. You are better off investing your time into clients who seem genuine and are not wasting your time with idle chit chat!

Remember, once you have made time with a genuine client, it's best not to do any type of sexual chit chat with them. Sometimes, escorts can turn a genuine client into a client who is only looking for sexual messaging. If a genuine client thinks they can get a free sex chat from you, then why would they want to come and see you, they will most probably take care of themselves after messaging with you.

As soon as the client makes a booking, don't respond to them after that unless they need to change their time or cancel with you. If they start messaging sexual chit chat with you, just politely let them know that you will talk with them once they arrive as you are currently busy, they should get the message!

Stop Time Wasting Clients as an Escort

Time Wasters

Time wasters are exactly that, time wasters! You will find out about them really quickly, especially when you start out as an escort or courtesan. When you are new to the sex industry, you are usually full of life and ready to make the most money as an escort.

You will learn very quickly that you are better to work smarter than harder! This simply means that you don't have to spend hours chatting to every single potential client that contacts you.

Time wasters usually don't ask genuine questions such as your location, prices, services etc. Instead, they ask you silly questions such as how big is your thigh gap and can you send me photos of your feet. Unless you provide sex services that include thigh gaps or foot fetishes, there really is no need to ask about those physical attributes.

These type of time wasters are only looking for cheap thrills, they are not interested in booking you for your professional escort services. Time wasters are notorious for beating around the bush and not asking specific questions, so as soon as you come up against a time-waster, end the conversation.

How to Get Rid of Time Wasters

It's easy to get rid of time wasters, all you have to do is ask them what day and time would they like to come and see you! If they don't give you an immediate answer, stop messaging with them immediately!

Be prepared, they will try everything in their power to persuade you to talk with them. This is when you need to be strong and ignore them, as hard as that may be for you. If they are genuine, they will ask legitimate questions and then book a time with you.

When you are a new escort, you will most probably fall for the trap that you can convince certain clients to come and see you. This is a mistake, you will never convince them, they are only filling in time and getting cheap thrills.

You are worth more than just cheap thrills! Don't forget this is most probably your main source of income, therefore you need to take your escort services and run it like a proper business, otherwise, you won't make enough money and will end up leaving the sex industry before you ever make any money from it.

When Time Wasters Won't Stop Messaging

Every single escort will most probably experience time wasters who won't leave them alone. All you have to so in these situations is block their phone number. Obviously, clients are smart enough to change their phone number if they really want to and continue to message you with a different name and number.

Unfortunately, you will have to go through the same screening process as you did before, however each time you experience a time-waster, you will become better at identifying them quicker. It basically comes down to experience, something you will learn as you go along.

Eventually, they will give up and hopefully go away, so just stay calm and block them as soon as you know they are wasting your time. Sometimes time wasters will make a booking with you, just to satisfy you, however, when the time comes for their appointment, they usually don't show or cancel at the last minute with a lame excuse.

Experienced Time Wasters

These type of time wasters never had any type of intention to come and see you, they just know from lots of previous experience that you won't chat with them unless they make a booking. This is where you need to stay strong and not chat with them after they make a fixed time with you. If you fall for that trap, then you are only wasting your valuable time, and that's time you could be messaging a genuine client.

Many new and even existing escorts don't want to let any potential client slip through their hands, however, this is not a realistic way to look at things. It's impossible to get each and every client you message to make a booking with you.

Be Smarter Than Time Wasters

Well-seasoned time waster clients most probably already know all the escorts by sight that currently work in their local and surrounding areas. Believe it or not, time waters have all the time in the world to scroll through pages and pages of escorts in their local city and surrounding areas.

If you are a new escort fresh out or even a highly experienced escort that has moved to another location, time wasters will most certainly notice that you are new and will most probably message you, just to get their kicks and waste your time.

Make sure that you are aware of this straight off the bat when you start off as a new escort because time wasters are literally already on to you. It doesn't mean you have to be rude, all you have to say to them in your messages is that when they are ready to make a booking with you, they can let you know.

Once they know you are not willing to play ball and fall for their time-wasting antics, they will most probably leave you alone and move onto the next new escort that hasn't learned this skill yet.

Don't be one of those escorts that thinks they can change clients, you will never win with them. So, save yourself a whole lot of energy and time by simply ignoring them or even blocking them.

Don't Accept Abuse as an Escort

Don't Accept Abuse as an Escort

Under no circumstances should you accept any type of abuse when screening clients! If potential clients are already abusive or derogative towards you during the initial messaging and screening process, then you can almost bet your life on it that they will be abusive towards you when they actually do get to see you.

Don't even think for a second that they are going to improve when they arrive, the chances are very high that they won't, so do yourself a favour, mark them as abusive and block their number.

It doesn't matter what excuse they give you for being abusive, it's simply not alright and not good enough. Remember, you are looking for high valued clients that are worthy of your time and body.

If clients can't behave in a respectful and appropriate manner during the initial messaging stage, it's highly unlikely they will show you any respect throughout your time together.

If all escorts, courtesans and sex workers, didn't accept bad behaviour from any client, it basically would never happen, so don't ever lower your standard by allowing any client to treat you in a way that disrespects you.

Escorts Should Not Accept Clients on Drugs

Don't Accept Clients on Drugs as an Escort

Never, ever accept a booking from a client who is on drugs or has been drinking. Quite often clients will offer you drugs in return for escort services, always decline their offer and block their number straight away.

At times, clients may mention that they have been partying and would like to come and see you. Never take their booking either, as they are most probably drunk or have been using drugs.

You may notice when messaging with clients that they seem disorientated or not quite with it, their words don't make sense or in general, something feels not quite right. Never take a booking from those clients either, they are most probably out of it due to drugs or alcohol.

If a client turns up at your door and is either high from drugs or reeks of alcohol, don't let them in, send them away at the door. Make up some type of excuse so they will leave, tell them that there has been an emergency and you have to leave, or you still have a client with you who hasn't left yet, just don't let them in otherwise, you will most probably regret it.

Make sure you block, make notes and keep a journal on all clients that book with you, it may come in handy for the next time they try and book with you.

Don't see crappy clients who don't respect you or your time, simply wait for the better high-value clients to come along, you will be thankful you did!

Wait for The Right Clients

Wait for The Right Clients For Your Escort Services

When you first start out as a new escort, you are usually pretty keen to see any and every client you can to make as much money as you can as an escort. You quickly learn that that sounds great in theory, however, it's not practical at all.

Unfortunately, even escorts who have been working in the sex industry for quite some time, still have that same mindset. It's all about working smart, not hard, so do yourself a favour and wait for the right clients to come along.

There are plenty of good clients available for you to see and make a decent amount of money each week, however, if you book every single client who messages, you will find yourself experiencing negative encounters which will inevitably lead to burnout.

You are possibly better off making your prices slightly higher than the average escort out there, however, if you do decide to make your prices slightly higher to try and attract better clients, then you need to be prepared to offer that little bit more as well.

Offer More to Your Clients

Offering that little bit more than the average escort out there will help you to attract better clients, so why work harder, you are better off working smarter.

To attract a better clientele, you can try and work from locations that are more densely populated such as inner-city or city areas, this will give you a higher chance of booking better clients.

Make sure that you are always on time, this is important to clients who are prepared to pay that little bit extra to receive better escort services.

Keeping your physical appearance and health in optimal shape is also extremely important to quality clients, so make sure you are always looking your best at all times.

In general, when you offer that little bit more to quality clients, you will inevitably end up making more money throughout your work-week, so always lift your game and endeavour to do whatever it takes to keep yourself in optimal health.

Evaluate Each Client

Evaluate Each Client

Part of being an efficient and professional escort is knowing how to evaluate each and every client. Don't think for a second that clients don't evaluate each and every escort they see, because they do! In fact, clients good and bad quite often communicate on sex escort forums that are designed for discussing and evaluating escorts.

You can easily evaluate clients by keeping notes in a diary, blocking them in your phone etc. By evaluating clients, you will be able to easily see who is worth seeing again and again. You can also plainly see who is not worthy of your time and why exactly! Obviously, clients can change their phone numbers and names, so it may not always work like clockwork, however, you have a better chance of success if you do keep notes.

Keeping notes on good clients comes in handy too! Perhaps a client that is worthy of your time enjoys a particular sex activity with you, so you can record it so that you won't forget for the next time they come and visit you.

For example, let's say your high valued client like to cuddle, kiss and talk for most of your time together, you can ask them next time they see you if they would like to do all of those sexual activities with you again next time, it will make them feel valued and important.

Evaluate Clients That Need Reminding

Evaluate Clients That Need Reminding

Quite often you will see a client who wasn't necessarily that great, however, they weren't particularly bad either. In your mind, you are quite happy to see them again, however, there was either an isolated incident or a series of small incidents that bothered you.

In this case, you probably don't want to block them as they can possibly be groomed into becoming a better client in the future. It could be that they had never seen an escort before and just didn't know how to behave quite properly.

How to handle Inexperienced Clients as an Escort

How to handle Inexperienced Clients as an Escort

Inexperienced clients need to be taught how to act and behave and it's your job as a professional escort to guide and educate them if they are being rude or disrespectful to you.

When an inexperienced or oblivious client spends time with you, set basic rules and guidelines for the startup. Let them know what your expectations are before they arrive so that they know what to expect and how to behave. Let them know you expect certain rules and they must follow them or service will stop.

Let them know politely that they must wear a condom, not have dirt or sharp nails and they must have a shower before any sex services will be performed. You will most probably have a few more of your own rules, so don't be shy in articulating them to your inexperienced or new clients. Just be diplomatic about it and then they won't take offence to it all!

Clients Who Don't Show Up

Clients Who Don't Show Up

Unfortunately, you will come across certain clients who just don't show up. Sometimes their reason is legitimate and other times they just couldn't be bothered to let you know.

You may be surprised at the numerous reasons why clients don't let you know why they can't make it to their appointment with you. Excuses can range from their phone went flat, to they had to stay back and work. For whatever reason they didn't show up, you need to record next to their name and number, why they didn't show, did they message you to let you know etc.

Never give a client more than a second chance, if they don't show on the second time around, it could mean they don't value your time, or they are simply wasting your time. Get rid of them, don't see them again in the future, they will only continue this type of behaviour if you allow it.

Payment Methods For Your Escort Services

Payment Methods For Your Escort Services

When a client messages you and you book them in to see you, make sure you let them know the type of payment methods you accept. In most cases, it will probably be cash, so if this is the type of payment method you except, then let them know that they must have the correct amount of money as you don't have change available.

Be clear in your messages about how much it will cost, how long the service is for that amount of money and that you accept payment before any sexual escort services begin. Always be clear and make sure you message all the details to them beforehand, that way you have proof of your conversation.

The reason why you should ask clients to bring the correct amount of money is because it's a security risk to let clients know that you have a lot of cash on you. In certain cases, you can carry a small float with small notes for change, just in case.

Regular Escort Clients

Regular Escort Clients

Inevitably, you want to try and build up as many regular high valued clients as possible. Not only is it easy to see regular clients that you have fun with and show you respect, but it's also smarter to see regular clients first before potential new clients as you are more likely to make more money as an Escort.

Seeing regular clients means that your day as an escort should run so much smoother than seeing a whole bunch of new clients. Obviously, you will have to see new clients from time to time, otherwise, you won't be able to build up your clientele as well as make more money. When possible, always book returning clients first as they have stayed faithful to you by returning. Regular clients provide stability as well as other benefits such as less messaging, screening and time-saving.

Regular clients know where you work from, what your routine is etc, therefore saving you a whole heap of time and money! Regular high valued clients usually require you to keep up your end of the deal as well. That means being on time, offering quality service and keeping your physically and mental health in tip-top shape.

It's far easier to keep a high valued regular client than it is to screen and meet with new potential clients. So, make sure that you always appreciate the fact that they are returning to see you by providing them with a well-rounded and unique professional escort service.

Choosing the Right Clients as an Escort

Choosing the Right Clients as an Escort

As you can see, clearly waiting for the right clients to book with you really is one of the first steps you need to take in order to have successful and positive experiences when you work as an escort.

Unfortunately, not all escorts understand this skill and find themselves in very negative and dangerous situations because they choose to ignore the basic principles of being an escort and making some decent money for themselves.

Take or leave this general advice, it's purely up to you, however, you can at least consider thinking about some of the points mentioned above. When you first start out as an escort, you quite often have no or very little experience or direction, so simply take away as much or as little advice you can from this information.


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