How to Make The Most Money as an Escort

Knowing how to make the most money as an Escort is extremely important and one that should be taken seriously and not overlooked. When you first start off as an escort or courtesan in the sex industry, you are quite often oblivious to the potential income you can yield as an Escort!

create an Escort Ad to make more money

Lots of Competition in the Escort Industry

Many new and even existing escorts in Australia put very little effort into their initial advertising campaign, however, the reality is that if you don't put as much time into your advertising, you will most probably be left behind.

With so many professional escorts working in the sex industry these days, you have a lot of completion, therefore you need to take your profession seriously if you wish to make some decent money.

Make more money by upselling your services

The easiest way to make money is by upselling your services to your clients. Perhaps they have come for a girlfriend experience and paying you $500 for 1 hour but they might be interested in a little extra. You can always offer additional services while the client is already with you. Maybe you can offer roleplay for an extra $100 so that you can make more money at the same time. Maybe they want to try light BDSM so you can always offer that for an extra $200. Before offering extra services make sure that you confirm the extra payment with them and collect the extra payment if possible before the service begins.

Invest Time and Money into Advertising Your Escort Services

Working as an escort in Australia can have its challenges at times, so why not be as professional as you possibly can and invest time and money into your advertising campaign.

If you think that you will make plenty of money by just slapping a few words on a page and some blurry, unappealing photos, then you will most probably be extremely disappointed by the outcome…. VERY LITTLE MONEY!

Before you even start working as a professional escort, make sure that you put some thorough, well-mapped-out thought into your initial and ongoing advertising campaigns, otherwise, you will most probably go broke, before you even get started!

How much money you make depends on how you present yourself in Escort Ads.

Hints & Tips For making the most money as an Escort

In this post, you will find plenty of helpful advertising hints & tips, read through them and see what applies to you, and then Ad some of your own along the way.

The secret to successful advertising is the process of refining! Constantly refining your advertising as an escort is one of the best ways to ensure that you are successful as an escort or courtesan, thus resulting in high profits!

Working as a professional escort can be very rewarding financially, however, it requires effort and consistent refining, so make sure that you review your advertising every single time you work or update your Ad.

Put Effort into Your Escort Advertising to make the most money as an Escort

If you don't put any effort into your advertising, then you will most probably struggle to make ends meet as there are so many other professional escorts and sex workers who do make the effort to make their escort Ads look extremely professional and information-rich, it's really up to you as to how much money you would like to make.

Most professional escorts in Australia don't like to provide their trade secrets as they are either in direct competition with you and they have simply worked hard at revaluating and refining their professional escort services.

For those escorts who are just new to the sex industry, or for those escorts that have struggled with their advertising in the past, please read on to find helpful and realistic advertising strategies, that may very well help you make the most money as an Escort.


Use Professional Photos For Your Escort Ad

Use Professional Photos For Your Escort Ad

How Can Professional Photos Help You Make the most money as an Escort in Australia?

If you are looking to make as much money as you possibly can when working as an escort or courtesan in Australia, then investing in some professional photos is highly advisable.

Professional photos showcase the absolute best of you and make you look extremely professional, especially when you are projecting to the high-value clients who are prepared to pay top dollar for your unique escort services in Australia.

Professional photos demonstrate that you are a desirable and serious professional escort and not just a fly-by-night type of sex worker. When clients are perusing through a myriad of escort Ads, your Ad needs to be able to stand out from the other escort ads that are in direct competition with you.

If you only take selfie images, you may find that you won't attract high valued clients as selfie photos can quite often be dark, blurry, and simply unappealing.

Selfie photos definitely have a place in your advertising campaign, however, it's best if you can invest in professional escort images to use for your first impression. Without a doubt, professional escort photos will help you to make the most money as an Escort, so make sure you invest in professional photos as soon as you get the chance to!

Invest in Professional Escort Photos

Investing in professional photos also demonstrates to potentially high valued clients that you take being a professional escort very seriously and that you haven't just slapped a few selfie photos and some info about yourself on an Ad to make a quick dollar!

Perhaps if you were to charge very little money for your escort services, then taking selfies only wouldn't be such a big deal as low-value clients who don't wish to spend much money, usually don't have such high expectations.

If You Can't Afford Professional Photos

If you can't afford to have professional photos taken when you first start out as an escort in the sex industry, then ask someone you know if they have a quality camera and could they possibly take some photos of you.

Once you start working as an escort and make a little bit of money, try and see if you can invest in some professional photos, a portfolio of quality photos will surely go a long way.

When it comes to professional escort photos, make sure you shop around as some escort photographers have special packages. Make sure you shop around as escort photographers vary in price according to their quality of work and popularity.

Update Professional Escort Photos Regularly

From time to time, it's always best to update your professional photos, especially if you have changed your hairstyle or hair colour dramatically. Valuable clients don't like it when you put misleading photos in your advertising.

Let's say your hair was long, brown and wavy, then you had a dramatic change and cut your hair short and coloured it blonde. High valued clients won't be happy at all that you haven't updated your images, in fact, if you don't include some recent photos of your appearance, then they may decline your escort services when they meet you at the door.

Updating your professional escort images from time to time will also keep regular and potentially high valued clients interested and intrigued. If clients see the same old images month after month, they will most probably lose interest after a while and see out new visual experiences with other escorts who are your direct competition.

Keep your Old Escort Photos

When you Ad some new photos to your escort portfolio, make sure you keep your old photos as they will potentially help new clients to see a broader picture of you in general.

The larger your escort portfolio is, the better it will work out in your favour. A diverse range of escort photos will demonstrate to the high valued clients that you are serious and professional about providing escort services that will appeal to them and that you are going to provide them with quality service.

Can't Afford to Update Professional Images?

If you really can't afford to update your professional photos, then the next best thing is to include some updated images that you have taken on your mobile phone. That doesn't mean you need to discard your professional photos, just make sure you list your current escort photos first before your older professional photos.

The older professional photos will still come in handy, they will give clients an overall view of how you look and they will hopefully demonstrate your personality, style and services.

Selfie Photos For Your Escort Services

Selfie Photos For Your Escort Services

Taking selfie photos of yourself to Add to your profile is especially important as it proves to clients that you are a real person and escort. Quite often potential clients look at the professional photos and think that you aren't real, or that you don't look the same as you do in your professional photos. So, by including selfie photos in your advertising, you can prove that you are real and that you do look like your professional photos.

Selfie photos have their place in your advertising campaign, however, it's highly advisable that they are only a part of your escort Ad, especially when you are trying to make an optimal amount of money from working as a professional escort.

How To Take Better Selfies as an Escort

It's extremely important to take selfies on a daily basis, clients quite often get bored with seeing you in the same poses and lingerie each and every time they search for an escort. Make sure you take new selfies daily, or at least every single time you work as an escort to keep things fresh and current.

Natural Light is Best

When taking selfies be very aware of your surrounding and try your best to include as much natural light as possible. Natural light helps to make photos look brighter and clearer.

Be Aware of Your Background in Escort Photos

Be aware of your background when taking selfies, avoid taking photos with cluttered or busy backgrounds, it makes your selfies look cheap, nasty, and unprofessional.

Try your best to take your selfies on a blank well-lit background such as a white wall if possible. Plain, light-colored backgrounds are usually the best, just make sure you open up the curtains and let as much natural light flood through, or turn on as many bright lights as you possibly can.

Try and look at your selfies in a way that a client would, if your selfies are dark, blurry, unappealing, and have a messy background, then surely all those negative points will reflect on how a client sees you, thus resulting in a lack of bookings.

Attract Existing and New Clients with New Selfies

Many new and existing escorts don't like to take selfies, in fact, they usually hate doing them. The reality is that if you don't take new selfies every single time you work as an escort, you run the risk of not getting any bookings as existing and potentially new clients tend to tire easily of your existing images.

Just accept that selfies are part and parcel of your job and that you need to do whatever it takes in your advertising campaign to compete with the other escorts out there that are highly motivated. If you don't put optimal effort into your selfies and advertising program, you run the risk of making very little money or none at all.

What to Include in Your Selfies as an Escort

What to Include in Your Selfies as an Escort

Many new and even existing escorts have no idea where to start when taking selfies, however, if you stick to some basic rules each and every time you take selfies, you will be at least heading in the right direction.

  • Take full-length body shots from the front. Full-length body shots from the front obviously show your overall body shape. Just be aware not to stand in a boring and unappealing manner, try and pose in a feminine and sexy way.
  • Your nest pose should include a full-length body pose from the side by twisting your body to the side, clients can see your hips, bust, bottom, and back, a very appealing pose!
  • Face shot: Some escorts don't like to show their face, however, professional escorts who usually show their face gain more bookings in the long run. Clients want to make sure that they are attracted to your facial features, such as your eyes and your lips. Make sure that your makeup is impeccable, apply fresh makeup to your face before taking photos. If you are more of natural beauty and don't like to wear very much makeup, make sure your face is well cleansed and hydrated before taking photos.
  • Hair shot - Taking photos that showcase your hairstyle and hair colour: Clients like to see the colour of your hair and how it looks in natural as well as coiffured hairstyles. When you take photos of your hair, make sure that your hair has been freshly washed and styled beautifully, dirty, greasy, and ratty hair is not appealing to high valued clients. Your hair and face are very important to clients, they may not make a booking with you if you don't show them in your photos.
  • Take specific body part photos: Zooming in on certain body parts such as your cleavage, bottom, and legs is always ideal. Most clients really do want to see certain body parts, especially when you have listed highlighted them in your advertising. Let's say you have DD cup size breasts, make sure that you show that you really do have DD cup breasts. Clients who may be looking for escorts who have large breasts will want to see them before they go ahead and book with you.
  • Foot Photos: If you provide foot fetishes as part of your escort services, make sure that you include attractive images of your feet. Before you take photos of your feet, make sure they are well-groomed and freshly painted. If you don't provide foot fetishes, then perhaps you can include just one photo of your feet for those who may ask in general.
  • Vary your poses: Make sure you vary your poses regularly, don't take selfies of the same old boring poses all the time, mix it up each and every time. Alter your poses daily, try poses such as the sitting pose, lying down pose, squatting, and bending over pose. Try posing on all fours and legs apart and poses. Other flattering poses include taking selfies from up above, holding the camera up above your head projecting down towards your face and body.
  • Include selfies that other escorts don't go to the effort to take, some of these may include you showering with swimmers on or in general wearing very feminine sexy clothes. Mix it up a bit, don't be boring and generic in your selfies, put some effort in and they will pay off for you.
  • Buy new lingerie and costumes: To pique the interest of existing and new clients, make sure you spice things up by wearing new lingerie and costumes. You will be pleasantly surprised how switching things up and wearing new lingerie and costumes will capture the client's attention, thus resulting in more money! If you wear the same old lingerie in all of your photos, you will find that your general inquires will decrease over time. Once all the existing potential clients have seen you in the same lingerie, they will lose interest and not even bother to message you. If you don't have a lot of money to spend on expensive lingerie when you first start out as a new escort, try being creative and shop around for inexpensive lingerie that will photograph well. Bright and bold coloured lingerie such as black, red, and hot pink usually looks better than pale pinks and cream in photos, so try and use colours that stand out in images as opposed to pale and insipid colours. Be creative, use robes that are inexpensive even props that will make you look more enticing in your selfie images. Invest in some inexpensive sexy costumes, such as a cheerleader costume or sexy maid costume, use your imagination, pick up bits and pieces and create your own sexy escort costume. Many clients love sex costumes, and will quite often request that you wear them when you spend time together. Remember, your escort advertising photos are all about capturing the attention of your potential and existing clients!
  • Include anything that showcases your physical and personality assets: Including as many selfies as possible that highlight your physical assets and personality is always highly advisable. A photo can literally say a thousand words without saying anything at all! You have one chance to put your best foot forward and make an impression on potential clients, so make sure you portray the best of you through your selfies. Let your personality shine through your photos, convey your personality, whatever that may be. If you are a kind, loving and friendly person, then show that in your pictures. Perhaps you are hot, sexy and highly sexual, once again, show that in your selfies. It's really up to you to show your potential clients exactly what they can expect when they spend some time with you as an escort.

Selfies Summary

Basically, selfies really come in handy, so don't discount them, make sure you use them to your advantage and showcase the best of your physical assets and personality. Change them up daily and make sure they are interesting and never boring. Remember you are competing with well-seasoned professional escorts that are fighting you for dollars!

Selfie Identity Proof as an Escort

Selfie Identity Proof as an Escort

Many clients will quite often message you asking for proof that you are who you say you are and that you are not using stolen or fake photos. Who can blame them, if potential clients are going to travel to come and see you and pay you a decent amount of money for your escort sex services, they really want to know that you are the real deal before they arrive.

To save time and the hassle of the client having to ask you for identity proof, simply go ahead each and every time you offer your escort services and provide concrete proof.

How to Prove Your Identity in Selfies

It's very simple, all you have to do is write down the date, your escort alias name and your work phone number on a piece of paper and take a photo of you holding the paper.

It's best if you can include your face in the photo, because some escorts may get someone else to hold it on their behalf, this leaves clients feeling unsatisfied with the proof you are trying to provide. If you don't want to include your face in the image, some clients may ask you to write down a special word that is relevant to them on the paper that will prove you are the same escort that is in your photos.

Including a special word on a piece of paper is a good alternative when you don't want to show your face, however, it's time-consuming and quite often the client doesn't go ahead and book regardless.

Send A Selfie of Your Face

Once you decide to become a professional escort, you will need to accept that many female escorts working in the sex industry these days show their face. They know that if they want to attract high valued clients who are willing to pay big dollars, will expect to see their face before they will even go ahead and book with you.

Sending a selfie of your face directly to screened clients may be an option for you. If you have sent a client thoroughly and feel confident to send a selfie of your face, that may be an option for you.

Obviously, you are exposing your identity, however, you are probably limiting the number of clients to see it. Clearly, clients may share your image with their friends etc, however, you have less chance of mass exposure, so that's another way you can provide a selfie of your face without putting yourself out there totally.

Concealing Your True Identity When Advertising as an Escort

Concealing your true identity when working as a professional escort or sex worker is absolutely essential at all times. Always protect your true identity as you don't want to have any security risks or stalkers following you around.

Working under an alias is always recommended when working as an escort, never, ever use your real name or divulge any of your personal details. Make sure you hide and conceal your real name, address and phone number when advertising your escort services.

Have A Separate Work Number For Your Escort Services

Having a separate work number is non-negotiable when you work as an escort, never divulge your real mobile number. Never trust any clients with your real identity and contact details, it doesn't matter how well you know or trust them.

Regular high valued clients may ask your real name and phone number once they get to know you a little bit. They may want to take you out on a date away from work, however, you should never fall for this stunt as they are really only after free sex, they usually have no intentions of dating you on a long-term basis.

Use an Alias for Your Username

When you advertise your escort services on any type of advertising platform, you should always make up an alias for your username and use a completely different password to which you usually do for your personal usage.

Just in case your username shows up on your advertising Ads, you don't want clients or even the general public to know your real name. So make sure you make up something completely different to your actual real name.

Use an Alias Email Address

The same goes for your email address, if you supply an email address for clients to contact you on, make sure that you provide a completely separate email address to your personal email address.

Your email address can match the username that you use when advertising your Ads. Never, ever, give out your personal email address, always use your work alias email Address when supplying your email in your escort Ads.

Keep Your Personal Details Private

Always keep your personal life separate, never give anyone your real name, personal phone number and personal email address. Always be smart about never revealing your true identity, so make sure you plan ahead before you start off as an escort or a courtesan.

Make Your Escort Advertising Earn You More Dollars

Make Your Escort Advertising Earn You More Dollars

To make the most money as a new escort or even an existing escort, you need to invest time, money, and consistent revaluation into it on a daily basis.

Slapping a few selfies, along with a basic description and service prices won't cut it these days! Working as an escort in the sex industry is extremely competitive these days and it requires plenty of effort, money, revision, and updating daily to make you the dollars you are hoping for. Like anything in life, if you put very little effort in, you are probably not going to do very well as an escort or make decent money.

Make Your Escort Ad Pop

With all the competition you have when working as an escort, you need to make your escort advertising POP, stand out from the crowd in other words! To capture potentially high-paying clients, you need to give them what they are looking for.

They are looking for professional photos, selfies, proof that you are the real person in the photos, along with videos, a detailed description of your services, and an interesting and captivating "about me" description.

You need to portray to potentially high-paying clients that you are professional, interesting, and have something of value to offer them, so spending as much time on your Ad as possible on a regular basis is absolutely essential.

How To Eliminate Low Paying Clients

Unless your market by choice is low paying clients who quite often waste your time and don't show you the respect you deserve, you need to try and discourage low paying clients by stipulating in your Ads, that you don't accept time wasters or clients who don't bother to show up.

Of course, low-paying, time-wasting clients are always going to try their luck with you, however, you need not accept that type of behavior, so make sure that you are extremely specific in your escort Ads about what you will and won't accept.

In short, if you don't put in effort into your escort Ads, you will most probably attract low-level clients who are not willing to pay for your professional high-quality escort services.

Clear and Direct Escort Advertising

Be Clear and Direct in Your Escort Advertising

When you create an escort Ad, make sure you are very clear and precise about what type of sex services you provide and how much you charge for them. It's very important to be clear and precise so prospective clients know exactly what you have to offer them and what you will and won't accept.

Let's say you don't provide any natural or anal services whatsoever, then make sure you include that in your Ad so that you eliminate as many unwanted messages regarding natural services.

Include Your Preferred Method of Communicating with Clients

Most professional escorts will be specific about the way in which they prefer to communicate with potential clients. Most escorts only accept messaging, however, some escorts will allow a quick phone call to discuss services, locations etc. Not all escorts allow phone calls, however, if a professional escort believes that the client's intention is sincere, then they may allow it.

Be Specific About Your Mode of Communication

Let potential clients know that you only accept messaging as your preferred mode of communication. If you so accept quick phone calls after the screening, you can include that information as well. Below you will see a quick example of how you expect your clients to communicate with you.

  • Please initially text me only
  • Quick phone calls are only allowed once I'm satisfied with the information you provide.
  • Name:
  • Number:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Age:
  • Your preferred date and time of booking:
  • Duration of booking:
  • Incall or outcall service:

Other Things to Include on Your Booking Form for Professional Escorts

If you would like to try and eliminate as many time wasters as possible, then you could add some Aditional information on your contact and profile page. Of course. The additional information is not going to eliminate every single time waster, however, the additional information may send a clear message to potential clients who are only going to waste your time.

Below are a few additional suggestions you may like to add to your contact information if you are a professional escort.

  • Please include all of the information requested below before your booking will be considered.
  • Please do not use casual phrases such as "HI" or "ARE YOU FREE NOW"! Instead, please fill in the information requested and then our wonderful time together can commence if excepted.
  • For new clients, please note that I.D may be requested upon booking, you will be required to produce photo I.D.
  • Once all the information has been provided, then you offer a short phone call to answer all of the client's legitimate questions.
  • Blocked numbers will not be answered at any time.
  • Any type of harassment or verbal abuse during the phone call will instantly result in a terminated phone call. From there, the client will be blocked indefinitely!
  • Pre-booking is always preferred, however, you may go ahead and see if I have an opening to see you at a short notice.
  • Once your booking is accepted, all clients must pay a deposit within a thirty-minute time frame. If the deposit is not received within that time frame, then there will be no booking, it will be cancelled.

General Guide

The booking example above is only a general guide for new escorts and courtesans that are just starting off and don't know where to start. Perhaps you are an existing escort and looking to refine your booking information page, the example above is a great place to start.

Make sure you refine your booking page information as you go along, you may find that it's still relevant in time, or you may like to remove or add some new fields into your booking form.

Offer Various Payment Methods as an Escort

Offer Various Payment Methods as an Escort

Being clear about your payment method in your Ad will help to eliminate clients who don't wish to pay by a particular method. Many clients don't wish to use a credit card as it's traceable and they may be trying to be discreet.

For other clients using a credit card is not a problem, so it's advisable that you use various payments methods so that you can cater to all clients. Just make sure that you are very clear about your preferred payment methods, this will help to eliminate unwanted enquiries from either time wasters or clients who don't wish to pay by your payment methods.

If you accept cash, make sure that you list in your Ad that the clients must bring the correct money as the change will not be given. If on the odd chance that a client turns up without the correct change, you can keep a small float of around $100 made up of small notes, that way you don't have to keep large amounts of cash with you.

The best method of payment is via credit or a debit card, that way you can take a deposit for future services. Once the client pays a non-refundable deposit, they are more likely to show up for their appointment and pay you the balance.

38-W1200 (1)

Ask for The Ethnicity of The Client

Many escorts and courtesans have had bad experiences with certain ethnicities. Each and every escort has had their very own unique experiences with various ethnicities and will no longer agree to see them.

You Are Not Being Racist

It's always wise to ask for a potential client's ethnicity before approving their booking. If in doubt, always ask to see photo I.D, this will help to clear up any uncertainties. Of course, some clients will lie and use false I.D, however for the most, it will help you to make an educated decision if you wish to see that particular client or not.

Have A Safety Plan In Place

If a client has lied about their ethnicity and turns up at your door, then it's always best to politely ask them to leave before you allow them in the door. If the client refuses to leave, make sure you have a safety plan in place.

You are not being racist by asking for a client's ethnicity, especially if you have had several bad experiences in the past when working as an escort or courtesan. Just remember your safety and sanity is more important than turning down a client who may potentially harm you in any way. Your physical and mental health should always come first!

How to create your Escort Profile

How to create your Escort Profile

When you list your profile, about and services, make sure you put a lot of effort in so that you capture the attention of potential clients. Try and provide them with a fully comprehensive overview of yourself and the escort services you like to provide.

Start with Your Profile

First start with your profile, make sure that you include all of your physical attributes and contact details for quick reference. Below you will find a list of profile details that would be good to start off with.

Profile Example

  • Location:
  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Dress size:
  • Body Type:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Hair colour:
  • Eye colour
  • Phone number:
  • Email Address:
  • Photos: Verified or not verified
  • Place of Service:
  • Incall-Outcall:
  • Location of service:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Website:

 About Me Part of Your Escort Profile 

About Me Part of Your Escort Profile

Once you add your escort profile, then you can move on to creating your "ABOUT ME" page. Your about me page should be extremely interesting as potential clients who are reading your profile for the first time, want to be captivated and intrigued by you!

Now that you have piqued potential client's attention with your stunning photos, the next step is to create an opening statement that will propel them to keep reading.

1.) Opening Statement

Let's say you are a hot sexy blonde with an ultra-fit body, you could start off your opening statement by mentioning just that! For e.g., your opening statement could something like this, I'M A SEXY HOT BLONDE WITH AN ULTRA FIT BODY READY AND WAITING TO FULFIL ALL OF YOUR DEEPEST DESIRES!

2.) Paint a Clear Picture for Clients

Once you have made your opening statement, you can move onto how you love providing high valued clients with plenty of pleasurable experiences, so that when they leave you, they will be feeling on top of the world.

3.) Talk a Little About Your Personality

After that, try and include how you love being a professional escort and how highly sexed you are naturally. Describe to your potential clients how you have a fun-loving personality and how you like to create a playful and relaxed atmosphere for the both of you during your romantic interlude together.

4.) Mention Your Physical Attributes

From there, you can talk a little bit more about your physical beauty such as bust size, dress size, height and facial features. You can elaborate on specific body parts that you feel are an asset to you.

5.) Tell Them Why They Should Choose You

Without sounding too direct, try and explain to potential clients why they should choose you. You could say something like this: I have a down to earth, fun-loving personality that will make you feel at ease instantly! My soft and magical hands will soothe away any tension or stress you have instantly. Let them know that you are up for lots of erotic sexual play and that your entire desire is to please them with your very naughty and wicked side.

6.) Closing Statement

In closing, give them insight into exactly what they can expect you will shower them with. Perhaps, you could mention a special service you provide that is unique to you as an escort. If you don't have anything in particular to mention, then make sure you include at least one or two of your pleasurable escort services. Make sure you use plenty of adjectives when describing your escort services, you need to pique their attention and intrigue them enough for them to make a booking with you.

7.) Escort Template Sample Below

Below, you will find a template sample of how you can design a captivating advertising Ad for your escort services, so make sure you read on to see exactly how it could look. Remember, the template below is only a guide for escorts who are starting out and need a little help with designing an Ad that will help them to make as much money as possible.

You can always re-evaluate and fine-tune your escort Ad as you go along, but at least you will have something to start off with which is better than an Ad that you have quickly slapped together without much thought.

List Your Escort Services

List Your Escort Services

The next step in creating an Ad for your escort services is to list your escort services. When you list your services, make sure you set them out clearly so they are easy to read.

When you list your escort services, make sure you include a description of what it entails, along with the price and duration of the service. Try and be as clear as possible when describing your escort services, so that clients are less likely to ask unwanted questions.

Another thing to consider is to make sure you state above or below your services and prices, that you don't provide specific sex services such as anal or unprotected sex etc.

Below, you will find a small example of how you can list your services so that they are clear, professional and informative. For a longer comprehensive escort advertising template, please see the bottom of the page.

  • Girlfriend Experience: This sensual girlfriend experience includes, French kissing, affectionate cuddling, body kisses on me, friendly chatting, protected oral on you, mutual masturbation, sex in various positions and sexy lingerie.

Please note, due to legislation in some states, you are not allowed to provide details of your escort services, so ask clients to message you privately for further information.

Disclaimer: Please note that, takes no responsibly for your own personal choices when it comes to advertising your escort services within any country. It is your personal responsibility to find out your state laws. All the information and examples provided here are general, and in no way apply to all escorts, it's only general advice only. Please seek legal advice if in doubt about your responsibility when adverting in various countries around the world.

List Your Rates

If you provide incall and outcall escort services make sure you state that clearly in your Ad and have a price list for both. Make sure you include any travels costs etc that you may charge on top of the incall or outcall price.

For example, if you allow extra sex services for both incall and outcall, then let clients know in advance exactly what those sex services are, how long they last for and how much extra they will be on top of the regular prices.

Incall Rates

  • 30 mins   $300  Girlfriend Experience
  • 45 mins   $400 Girlfriend Experience
  • 1 Hour     $500 Girlfriend Experience
  • 1.5 Hour  $750 Girlfriend Experience
  • 2 Hours   $900 Girlfriend Experience

Please note that all services require a deposit within 30 minutes to secure your booking. Your pre-payment is non-refundable should you decide to cancel with me or fail to attend your booking time.

Add Any Aditional Notes Regarding Your Services

After you list your rates for all of your escort services, make sure that you add additional notes that you would like to make clear to potential new clients. Below is just an example of the sought of notes you might wish to include, make sure your notes are relevant to you and your unique escort services. You can add as little or as much information as you like here, nothing is wrong or right.

Example: Please kindly note to all new clients: I don't offer any type of natural services, I like to stay healthy! No anal thank you and no alcohol or drugs will be entertained during our time together.

When I'm Available

When I'm Available

  • Monday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am – 12.00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am – 12pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am – 12pm

Please note, that I'm available by appointment only!

  • Available 7 days.
  • Flexible hours are available through appointment.
  • Please contact me via my messaging or email to check my availability.
  • Short notice bookings may be available, please message to find out my availability.
  • Subscribe to find out my availability.
  • Please note, text messages that do not contain any information, will not be responded to.

Include Selfie and Videos Here

Include Selfie and Videos Here

Don't forget to add your current selfies, any past professional photos and videos here in this section. Include as much versatility as you can here in this section to showcase all of your physical assets.

Videos really do help highlight and promote you as an escort very quickly to any new potential clients. If you don't have any current videos, then perhaps think about including a couple of them in the future. Don't forget you are trying to make the best possible Ad to help you make the most money as an Escort.

Include Tour Dates

Many escorts who tour throughout their country, will provide tour date information after their availability, it usually comes after all of the most important information.

When you tour as an escort, you increase the chances of making the most money as an Escort! When you work from the same location week after week, regular clients can quite often become immune to your Ads and will look elsewhere for new escorts. Touring is not for all escorts, however, it's something that you may like to think about for the future. Learn how escorts can make more money by changing locations.

Below, is an example of how you could set out your tour dates if you provide that escort service.

Australian Tour Dates

  • Brisbane: 15th of March - 17th of March
  • Sydney: 18th of March - 20th of March
  • Melbourne:  21st of March – 23rd of March
  • Perth: 24th of March – 26th of April


After you list your tour dates, the next step is to add your interests. For potential new clients who are looking for an interesting and captivating escort to spend some quality time with, a list of your interest may just so happen to sway a client to book with you.

Not All Clients are Looking for the Same Thing

Not all clients are looking for a physically perfect escort, many clients are looking for a feminine woman who not only looks stunning but also has a warm and friendly nature, along with an interesting personality as well.

Some clients may be looking for a beautiful escort who can carry on a conversation along with providing them with some sexual, sensual escort services. Each and every client is different, therefore not all clients are looking for the same type of escort and sex services.

Captivate Clients with Your Personality

By listing your interest, you may captivate a client to at least message you and ask about your unique escort services. Not all clients are looking for just sex alone, many clients are looking to spend time with a lovely, dynamic lady who can provide them with companionship services as well.

Below, you will find a brief description that you can use for your escort Ad, please feel free to change it exactly how you would like it.

Example: Interests

For those who have not met me, I'm a fun-loving lady who loves quality and the finer things in life. I also like to spend time with people who are interesting and make me laugh.

In my spare time, I love to go to the movies and eat out at different restaurants. I try and keep as healthy as possible by working out frequently to keep my body in tip-top shape.

Make Your Escort Ad Unique

Make your interests unique to you, don't copy other escorts, you will only end up sounding generic and boring. Be creative, this is how you may gain extra clients, thus resulting in more money! Make your escort Ad creative and interesting, always be yourself and let clients know that you are interesting, intelligent and worth spending time with. High-value clients are usually looking for more than just sex, they are looking for an overall, well-rounded escort service.

Your Wishlist as an Escort

Your Wishlist

Once you list your interests, then you can go ahead and list your Wishlist. You don't have to include a wishlist, however, many professional escorts do as clients quite often like to shower professional escorts with gifts when they come to visit you.

Not All Clients Will Bring Gifts

Not all clients will bring you a gift, so don't expect anything from clients, however, just in case they would like to shower you with something you love, why not include a wish list for them. Many clients don't know about the kind of gift they can take to an escort, so having a wishlist can be very useful to the clients.

List What You Love

Below, you will find an example of a wishlist, make sure you put some thought into your wishlist before adding it, as it would be nice if clients could spoil you with the things you love!

  • Perfume: Chanel No:5, Gucci Bloom, Si by Giorgio Armani
  • Lingerie: Sexy lingerie, Size 10 Panties, Bust size 12C, any colour welcome
  • Shoes: Louboutin, black or red high heels, size 38
  • Handbags: Anything Chanel, Christian Dior, Versace, Louis Vuitton
    L'occitane: I love anything from the almond range, bath oil, hand cream, foot cream, hand cream, moisturiser.
  • Vouchers: Myer, David Jones, day spa, massage, facial

*Please note; Although gifts are never expected, they are always greatly appreciated! Please don't feel that you need to bring gifts with you.

Update Your Wishlist Regularly

Once you make a wishlist, make sure that you update it as your taste and desires change. For example, if you no longer like a certain perfume or wine, then make sure you remove those items and update them with new desires.

Things You Love

Make sure you include things you love as well, these things usually include items such as flowers, chocolates, beverages, food items and even experiences.

Make the things you love section unique to you, don't copy other escorts as you may not have the same taste and desires, just be yourself!

Example of things you live

  • *Flowers: Red roses
  • *Chocolate: Ferrero Rocher.
  • *Wine: Red Italian wines.
  • *Champagne: Anything expensive and French!
  • *Food: Fresh Seafood platter for both of us.
  • *Nibblies platter to share with you during our rendezvous together: Bottle of quality red or white wine, gourmet cheese, dips, olives, salami and gourmet crackers….just to name a few!
  • *Staying at a five- star hotel and enjoying room service, dining in the hotel restaurants and enjoying the spa together.

Make sure that you update things you love on a regular basis as well. If clients are going to the effort to surprise you with gifts and experiences, at least let them be relevant to your current lifestyle.

Escort Testimonials

Escort Testimonials

Once you have completed your wishlist and the things you love, you can go ahead and add testimonials from clients. Add as many as you can, obviously the more you have the better off you will be!

Clients are never going to use their own identity, so simply ask them to substitute their real names for an alias name. Some clients may not wish to provide a testimonial for your escort services, that's fine, you only need a few good testimonials to support your professional escort services.

Always Ad New Testimonials

When you first start off as an escort, you won't have any testimonials to begin with, so make sure you start asking escorts straight away if they could provide a quick testimonial for you, most clients won't mind. Make sure you frequently new testimonials to your advertising, fresh new client testimonials will always help you to look professional and inviting.

Escort Ad Template Guide

Escort Ad Template Guide

For all of the new and existing escorts that are looking for an escort template they could use for free to increase their bookings from potential new clients, please feel free to use the one listed here below.

This escort Ad template is a general guide only, by no means is saying that you will definitely make more money if you use this template., is only suggesting that the escort Ad template is a good initial Ad example for you to start off with. Don't forget to make it your own as your progress as an escort in the sex industry.

Continuously Evaluate Your Escort Advertising

Remember, the more effort you initially put into your escort advertising, the better the chance you have to possibly make more money as an Escort. Always evaluate and improve your escort as you gain more experience in the future. Never become complacent with your escort Ads, always continue to look at your escort Ads through fresh eyes.

Please feel free to use the escort Ad template below, all the information in this example is not real and is only a guide for you to use.


Free Escort Ad Example


Escort Name: Chloe Grace
Phone: SMS Only: +61 425 346 243
Location: Sydney
Age: 25
Height: 175cm
Ethnicity: Australian
Body Type: Slender & athletic
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eyes Colour: Blue
Service Type: Outcall & Incall
Twitter: @chloegrace
Instagram: chloegrace
Photos: Verified

Selfie Gallery

View My Selfie Gallery: Ad your selfies here

My Videos

View my videos


List Your Country Here: Australian Tours

  • (If you would like me to visit you exclusively in your city at a time of your choice, please message me)

Location and Dates

Sydney: From the 2nd of March to the 3rd of March
Melbourne: From the 6th of March to the 6th of March
Brisbane: From the 8th of March to the 9th of March
Perth: 11th of March to the 12th of March
Adelaide: 14th of March to the 15th of March

Please kindly note: If you would like me to visit you next time I'm in your city, simply give me one week's notice in advance and a deposit of 30% to secure your booking.

Subscribe to My Tours in Your Local City

If you would like to receive notifications of when I will be in your local city next, please subscribe to receive frequent updates.

About Me

Escort Status: Luxury Escort

Welcome gentlemen,

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my profile!

My name is Chloe Grace and I'm a 25 year old Australian beauty that lives in Sydney city. I love to stay fit and healthy by working out several times per week.

Rest assured knowing that I strive to provide a discreet, intimate and quality Experience from the very first moment we meet.

From the moment I greet you at the door, up until the moment we part, rest assured that you can relax and be yourself. I endeavour to make you feel welcome and totally relaxed when spending time together.

I have long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a slim fit physique. You will absolutely love my natural bouncy D cup breasts and heart shape bootie! My soft and supple skin is perfect for stroking and my natural pouty lips are perfect for kissing.

I have a down to earth welcoming nature and love to spend quality time with gentlemen who love to be pampered by a seductive and feminine lady. My open-minded nature is perfect for exploring sexual fantasies and role-playing. I love to provide quality girlfriend experiences to gentlemen who appreciate pleasurable and intimate companionship.

I pride myself on being a sultry, sensual and erotic lover. I love to tease you with sexy lingerie, suspenders and daringly high heels. I'm passionate about indulging you in wildly sensual sexual wonders. I deeply desire to sexually please you with various levels of sexual fulfilment and an unrushed quality sexual pleasure.

If you would love for our romantic and erotic time together to be even more special, then please know that I would love to share indulgent food and wine with you.

I can't wait for us to meet so that we can start a sensual and relaxing time together!

Chloe xx

Incall Rates

1 Hour: $ 1000 Luxury Girlfriend Experience

1.5 Hours: $ 1500 Luxury Girlfriend Experience

2 Hours: $ 1750 Luxury Girlfriend Experience

My Girlfriend experience includes: This sensual girlfriend experience includes, French kissing, affectionate cuddling, body kisses on me, friendly chatting, protected oral on you, mutual masturbation, sex in various positions and sexy lingerie.

  • Please note that all services require a deposit within 30 minutes to secure your booking. Your pre-payment is non-refundable should you decide to cancel with me or fail to attend your booking time.

My Incall Rates Include:

* 5-star hotel located in the city
* Time suitable for both of us
* Nibblies and chilled champagne
* No clients before or after our time together
* Unrushed and relaxing girlfriend experience
* Sexy lingerie, suspenders, stockings, and high heels

Outcall Rates

1 Hour: $ 2000 Luxury Girlfriend Experience

1.5 Hours: $ 2500 Luxury Girlfriend Experience

2 Hours: $ 3000 Luxury Girlfriend Experience

My Outcall Rates Include:

* My travel time to and from
* 5-star hotel located in the city
* Time suitable for both of us
* Nibblies and chilled champagne
* No clients before or after our time together
* Unrushed and relaxing girlfriend experience
* Sexy lingerie, suspenders, stockings, and high heels

When I'm Available

Monday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Tuesday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Wednesday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Thursday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Friday: 11:00 am – 11.00 pm

Saturday: 11:00 am – 11pm

Sunday: 11:00 am – 11pm

Please note, that I'm available by appointment only!

  • Available 7 days, please message me for available times.
  • I offer flexible hours that will suit us both.
  • I preferred to be contacted via messaging or email for any Aditional information.
  • I may be available on short notice, however it's always best to book in advance.
  • Please feel free to subscribe to find out my availability and tour dates.
    Please know, that I don't respond to any type of message that doesn't have all the categories filled out.

Include selfies here:


Include your videos here:


Australian Tour Dates

Brisbane: 10th of April - 11th of April

Sydney: 13th of April - 14th of April

Melbourne:  16th of April – 17th of April

Perth: 19th of April – 20th of April


  • Perfume: Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Armani, Valentino
  • Lingerie: Lacey lingerie, Size 8 Panties, Bust size 10D, black and red colour.
  • Shoes: Size 38 European, anything designer, Black and red heels.
  • Handbags: Anything Chanel, Christian Dior, Versace, Louis Vuitton
    The Body Shop: Anything that smells divine! Hand creams, foot creams, perfume, bath oils.
  • Vouchers: Designer clothing vouchers, massage vouchers, restaurant vouchers.
  • Please know, that although I love to be spoiled with designer gifts, it's not expected, so please only bring a gift if you feel that you would like to.

Things I Love

*Flowers: I love flowers, any type of flowers is fine with me, the more of them, the better!
*Chocolate: Good quality chocolate with delicious fillings!
*Wine: Designer Champagne, crisp fruity white wine and full-bodied red wine.
*Champagne: Anything expensive and French!
*Food: Fresh food platters for two! Fruit, savoury, fresh seafood.
*Indulgent desserts: Cheesecake, pavlova, chocolate cake.
*Day spa treatments in a 5 -star hotel with a delicious lunch provided

Clients Testimonials:

Insert clients testimonial here. 


Make It Your Own

For all those new escorts or even existing escorts that have been looking for an escort template for your adverting, please feel free to copy the above one and change it around to male it your own.

Add on More Services

Make sure you add to the services list as you will see that only one type of escort service has been added as an example. You can always change it around by adding more information. Don't forget, make it as interesting as possible, you only get one chance to impress future and even existing clients, so put in as much effort as you possibly can.

Re-Evaluate Your Escort Ad Daily

Re-evaluate as much as possible, daily in fact would be best! Your working life as an escort changes daily, so, if you would like to make as much money as possible when working as an escort, make sure you start with full, interesting, information and photo-rich content!

Best of luck,

Disclaimer: Please note, that is not responsible in any shape, form or way for any of your personal advertising as an escort. The above information is only general information, therefore you should always seek professional advice when it comes to your personal and work situation as an escort.

It's the responsibility of each escort that is independently listed on to check what the local advertising laws permit in your state, city and country., is not responsible for your income as an escort, the above information is provided in good faith only. The above escort template example is only an indication of what an escort template could look like, however, is not suggesting that you should use it, only that if you choose to use it, it's totally free and has been completed with made-up information to give examples and has not been copied or taken from any other source.

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