How Escorts Can Make More Money by Changing Locations


If you would like to know how escorts can make more money by changing locations, please feel free to read to find out some helpful hints and tips on learning how to do exactly that!

When You First Start as An Escort

When you first start as an escort or courtesan in Australia, you may find that you do quite well and make plenty of money to satisfy yourself, however, as time progresses you may find that your enquiries start diminishing and your income slowly starts to fade away.

This usually happens to most escorts and sex workers in Australia at some stage of their career. Quite often when escorts start, they have either no knowledge or very little knowledge on how to be an escort, therefore, they have to learn from the very beginning and make plenty of mistakes that they learn from along the way.

Why Do Clients Stop Enquiring After A While?

Many new and even existing escorts wonder why clients stop enquiring about the sex services after just a few months from the time they begin their career as an escort. This is a very valid question and many escorts have to deal with this situation at various times throughout their time as an escort.

You could be the most beautiful escorts out there, offer amazing sex services, however, unless your fee for your offerings is $100-$200 for 30-60 minutes, then eventually clients will simply lose interest and move on. Let’s face it, no escort can afford to see clients for $100-$200, it’s just not feasible and highly likely to maintain considering you would need to see too many clients throughout the day and you will most probably burn out very quickly.

When Do Clients Usually Drop Off?

Most escorts usually ask the question, when do clients usually drop off? Clients generally drop off when you work from the same location within a 3–6 month period. This usually depends on how professional you are, how captivating your escort ad is, how well you maintain your personal health and grooming and if you can endeavour to build a regular, faithful and returning clientele.

Even if you can offer all of the above in your escort services, you will still find that regular clients or clients that have seen you at least once or twice in the past will eventually drop off after a period of time when you work from just one location for way too long.

After a while, even the most loyal clients will eventually start to see other professional escorts who are working from the vicinity. Usually, clients like to see escorts that are conveniently located to either their home or place of work as it's convenient and easy for them to see.

Obviously, other aspects enter into their decision to come and see you such as price, the type of sex services you offer, your overall look, personality, parking available, etc. Most clients don’t want to go out of their way to travel long distances as many high paying clients simply don’t have the time to do so, so they will select an escort or courtesan who works in a location that is convenient to them.

Clients Lose Interest

After a while, clients just simply lose interest, it's usually nothing personal, it’s more about variety! Except for a few exceptional clients, most clients are looking for new experiences and may lose interest if you offer the same thing every time you see them.

If you are working from a location that has a large population, then you may find that you can work from that location for a longer period of time as it will take longer for you to see all of the potential clients that are looking for your type of escorts services, as well as the price range they can afford.

Giving Up

Sometimes Escorts give up at this stage as they are usually worn out, or they are feeling disheartened about working as an escort, however, with some creativity, imagination and the willingness to try new things, you will find that you can put yourself back on track and start making the money that you used to make when you first started an escort.

Changing locations is a great place to start with, you may find that changing locations and having an amazing escort advertisement that is updated regularly is enough to increase your income as an Escort. If you are not prepared to change locations, then you will most probably need to reduce your prices down to a level that you are simply not making enough money to cover your costs, to live off of and to sustain you for the long haul.

Many escorts, not all, become complacent, burnt out and even unmotivated at times, thus resulting in very few bookings and very little money trickling in, so they just give up!

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Changing Locations Within Your City to Optimize Your Income

The first step to take for professional escorts who only provide in-call sex services within Australia is to change location within your city. Sometimes it only takes for you to change your location within a short 15–20-minute travel distance.

Quite often escorts work in larger cities closer to the city centre or right in the city itself, however, many clients live in the suburbs of big cities such as Perth, Adelaide and NSW. Many clients who work in bigger cities find it hard to find parking to see escorts as the hourly rate of parking is very expensive, so unless you can provide free parking, many clients steer away from seeing escorts and sex workers within the city centre.

Clients Who Usually Book to see Escorts in The City

Clients who usually book to see escorts within the city, either live in the city themselves, work in the city and see them during their lunch break, or they catch a train or bus into the city for work and will make a booking to see an escort after work.

Escorts who work in city centres are usually quite busy for longer periods of time as they have a larger population of potential clients who will enquire and come and see them. However, even after a while, those escorts will find their bookings will drop and they will either need to move to another part of the city they haven't worked from for a while or look for inner-city or suburb locations to keep their bookings up.

You Can Return to Previous Locations After A While

Once you leave a certain location, you can always return to that previous location after a period of time has elapsed. It's always best to let some time pass before you return to previous locations as you need to allow new potential clients to move into that area for living or work purposes. Once some time has passed, around 6 months, you can offer your escort sex services once again in that particular area.

The new clients who live or work in that area will start coming to see you once you place your escort ad, and even past clients who were your regulars may even come back and see you again, as that would have had a break from you, seen other escorts in that particular area and will most probably be excited to see you again if you have offered quality escort services to them prior.

Always Stay on Top of Things

If you are always looking to stay on top of things, it's best not to stay in any one location for more than three months, that way you will always have new clients wanting to come and see you, plus regular clients won't get tired from seeing you.

Let clients know ahead of time that you will be back in that particular location at a certain time, however, if they want to come and see you again soon, they can always come and see you at your next location, that way you can always maintain loyal clients who only want to come and see you and perhaps a handful of other professional escorts that they prefer.

Never Wait, Always Act Promptly

Basically, you never want to wait until you literally have no new enquiries at all before you decide that you will move onto a new location. Always have a plan of where your next location will be and when you will decide to move to that location to offer your escort services.

If you had intended to stay in a certain location for a few months, however after a month you find that you aren’t receiving any new enquiries or returning clients, then you should move to a new location as soon as possible, don't wait until you are literally not making any money at all, make sure you move well before that time comes, that way you will always have the money to pay your costs and living expenses when working as an escort.

When You Become Complacent

When you become complacent with where you are working from and the type of escort ads you are producing and presenting, you will most probably find that you will stop making money altogether and find yourself in a financial situation that you can't dig yourself out of.

Always Put Money Aside for Rainy days

Always put money aside for rainy days so that you can always continue to work as a professional escort.  Many escorts don't work from their primary home address for personal security reasons, so they will work from locations such as hotel rooms instead so that they stay safe.

To continue working, you always need some working capital out aside, especially for those rainy days, so each time you work, make sure that you put aside enough money for a hotel room for at least a week, plus extra money for advertising costs.

That way, you will always have enough money to keep working as an independent escort, otherwise, you may find yourself having to look for other work outside of the sex industry.

You may think to yourself that it's common sense to put money aside for rainy days, however, you may be surprised to know that many escorts never think that they will be in the position that clients will stop enquiring and making bookings in the area they are working from.

Try Working in Highly Populated Suburbs

When possible, see if you can try and work from highly populated suburbs as you are more likely to receive more enquiries in general. Look to work from locations that are situated in built-up suburbs of Australia. Many larger cities such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne have suburbs that are more populated than others, with built-up infrastructure such as shopping centres, local swimming pools, transport, hospitals etc.

Look for Built-Up Areas with Good Infrastructure

People, in general, tend to live in areas that have good infrastructure, therefore you have a higher chance of receiving enquiries from more prospective clients. When local areas of larger cities have good infrastructure, you will also find that more people, in general, will work and live in that local area, therefore you will find that clients will have the money to spend on your escort services.

When Clients Live and Work Locally

When clients live and work locally to the hotel you are working from, they are more likely to make a booking with you as it's convenient for them to come and see you during their lunch break, after work and on the weekends when they have free time.

Many clients don't want to travel far to go and see an escort, therefore you are filling a gap in the market, by offering escort services in their local area. Clients will quite often enquire about parking availability, so when you work in local suburbs that have good infrastructure, you will most probably find that there is free parking in shopping centres close by as well as surrounding streets.

Free parking is always a good drawcard when clients are booking your escort services, clients generally don't like to pay extra money for parking on top of your fees, so by working in local suburbs, you may very well increase your revenue.

Advantages of Working as an Escort in Local Areas

There are many other advantages for both yourself and clients when you work in local areas. Not only do clients have access to free parking and less travelling time when they come to see you, they also have the benefit of seeing a variety of escorts that would normally only work in inner-city or city areas.

Most professional escorts who work in bigger cities of Australia such as Canberra, Perth and Darwin, think that they will only receive enough bookings if they work from highly populated areas such as the city centre. Although this may be true in many ways, you are also competing against many other escorts who have the same idea.

When You Work as An Escort in Local Areas of Australia

When you work as an escort in local suburbs of Australia that have the advanced infrastructure, you will usually find that there are many people living in those areas as well who have money to spend, but really don't feel like travelling far to see a quality escort or courtesan.

These potential clients are looking for professional escorts who usually work in the city, however, when you make it clear in your escort ad that you are working from certain local areas in that particular city, they are more likely to consider you first as there are many advantages for them to come and see you over an escort who is working in the city centre.

Benefits for Escort Working in Local Suburbs of Australia

There are many benefits for escorts who work in local areas of Australia as well as clients. If you live close to highly populated suburbs who have good infrastructure and a low unemployment rate, then it will be easier for you to travel to and from work each day, or at the end of your time at that particular hotel.

Most escorts usually don't go home between their shift's when working as an escort, however, if you live close by, you can always go home if need be to do some small jobs around your place such as take out the rubbish and check on the plants. If you finish your shift early some days, then you can always go home for a few hours or meet a friend out for a meal or even go and see a movie.

Outcall, Companionship and Dinner Date Services

For those escorts who offer outcall, companionship and dinner dates services, you may find that working as an escort in local areas will also benefit you greatly. Many clients who live in local areas would love for a professional escort to come and visit them at their home, place of work or even in a local hotel room.

Make Sure You Have A Safely Plan in Place for Outcall Services

Obviously, if you provide outcall escort services you will need to consider the safety aspect of providing those services, if you would like to learn more about how to stay safe as an escort, then please click on this link to learn more. Make sure that you Always have security measure in place before offering outcall escort services.

Many clients who live in the suburbs of Australia, would love a professional escort to visit them at home, so both you and your clients would benefit greatly if you were to offer outcall sex services in their local areas.

Less Competition in Suburbs of Australia

There would less competition to make money if you were to provide outcall escort services to local clients who would love to see a professional escort who usually doesn't work in the suburbs of larger cities.

Quite often clients would love to see a professional escort on the weekend or their day off, however they are too tired to get dressed up on their day off, drive into the city, find and pay for parking, so if you visit them in their home, you may find that you are filling a gap in the market and benefit from providing outcall escorts services for prices that are beneficial to you.

Companionship Services and Dinner Dates

Many clients are looking for companionship services such as dinner dates in their local area. Once again, many clients don't feel like visiting a professional escort in bustling cities as it's hard to find parking and they are tired after work.

Companionship Escort Services in Local Areas

If you provide companionship services to clients who may want to hang out at their place or your hotel room for several hours or even overnight, then you will once again be filling a gap in the market that many other escorts are not willing to provide.

Companionship escort services may include talking, hugging, kissing and some sexual services, they are usually provided over a few hours, all day or even overnight.

Dinner Dates with an Escort in Local Suburbs of Australia

Some clients are looking for dinner dates with an escort in the local suburbs of Australia. Many of those clients are looking for a lovely escort who they can some time with watching a movie and going out for a dinner. Other clients in bigger cities of Australia such as Cairns, Hobart and Perth are looking for well-groomed, highly professional escorts to accompany them to a family event such as a wedding.

Dinner dates can be casual in nature, or perhaps certain clients may like to take you to a fine dining restaurant to enjoy a more sophisticated dining experience, either way, if you work in local areas with good infrastructure, you are more likely to have more clients message you in regards to your dinner date and companionship escort services.

Fewer Escorts to Compete Against

The fewer escorts you have to compete against the better, so why not consider working in local areas of cities around Australia that are densely populated, have good infrastructure and have clients who have money to spend on your professional escort services.

Hotel Costs Can Be Cheaper in the Suburbs

Hotel costs can quite often be a lot cheaper when you stay in suburbs around Australia, many built-up suburbs with good infostructure now have smaller boutique-style hotel rooms that are furnished very nicely and their rates are more reasonable compared to the rates you may pay in larger cities of Australia.

Quite often boutique style hotels offer packages that are quite inviting, you may be able to stay for an extra night for free when you pay for a certain number of nights upfront. Some hotels also include breakfast as part of the room rate as well as early check-in and late checkout.

Also, many hotels these days offer VIP incentive programmes that give you cheaper room rates when you join their loyalty programme. The more you stay, the more points you earn, therefore you can spend your points on additional free nights, room service etc.

Always ask if they have a loyalty programme when you book directly through the hotel, most of the time it's free and sometimes you will pay a one-time membership fee, however totally worth it in the end.

Change Local Areas Every Month

When you work as a professional escort in local areas, make sure you change your location every month as you won't be able to see enough clients after that period of time. Obviously, when you work from larger city areas you have more client options, however, once again you are in competition with many other escorts who are fighting for the same clients as you are.

By changing your location every single month in the local suburbs of Australia, you increase the chance of meeting new clients and making more money. After one month, you will find that most clients who were interested in seeing you for your sex services will probably have already messaged you to enquire and made a booking with you.

Clients Who Missed Out on Seeing You

Some clients may want to visit you, however, they didn't have the funds at that time, were unwell or were going away for a business, so they missed out this time around, that's why it's a good idea to revisit that local area after one or two-months time. Clients that were able to come and see you for your sex services and were happy with your escort services, may also come back and see you again another couple of times.

Work from Highly Populated Coastal Areas in Australia

If possible, try working from highly populated coastal areas within Australia once in a while. If you live in a big city such as Brisbane, you have the option to work on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. These coastal towns, are just two examples of how you can work in a coastal town not far from a big bustling city.

The Gold Coast is only an hour from Brisbane and Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast is only 1hr 20 minutes from Brisbane city. You can easily book into a nice hotel that has reasonable room rates in either location for a month.

When You Have Your Own Transport

When you have your own transportation, you can simply drive to either coast and stay there for a month or even a week if you need to change your location and have a bit of a break away from your everyday working life as an escort. You can either finish up work early some days or take one day off whilst you are working and have a bit of a holiday at the same time.

When Work Slows Down

Once you feel that work has slowed down on either of those beach cities, you can simply jump in your car, load up your escort kit that is full of lingerie, sexy costumes, clothing and personal grooming products and drive to the other coast, it shouldn't take you more than a few hours, plus you can stop in one of Brisbane's suburbs to stretch your legs, have some lunch, even take in a movie if you stop at a large shopping centre.

Make A Day of It!

You can make a day of it, have some free time to yourself and relax along the way to the other coastal city. Try and include some personal time into each working day so that you don't burn out when providing escort sex services.

Along with making money as an escort, it's always important to balance your work life and your personal life, that way you can stay in the sex industry for longer and make more money.

When possible, always make a day of it when working as an escort and moving from one location to the other. It will probably take you all morning to pay up your escort kit, load it into your car and drive to the next destination.

Spend the Day Setting Up

By the time you book into your next hotel, you may need to spend most of the day setting up again before you see your first client that evening. Make sure you are all set up, have eaten something and are well-groomed before you see your first clients, otherwise you will be behind the eight-ball for the rest of the evening.

You might think that you can deal with all that stuff later on when you finish work, but that is rarely the case as you will be tired and never get the chance to do so, it's best to unpack and be prepared when you arrive. Part of being a successful escort in a country such as Australia is being prepared, calm and ready for any clients who may not do the right thing, you need to be able to be in control at all times.

Allow for The First Night

Sometimes, you may not make any money on the first night you arrive in a new location, therefore it's always important to keep some money aside for the first night just in case you don't. Even if you make enough money to cover your expenses such as your room rate, advertising and food costs.

If the hotel you are staying in has a kitchenette with a mini-fridge, kettle etc, try and buy food locally to bring in to the hotel you're staying in and keep some healthy snacks and food options in the fridge so that you can snack between clients, that way you will keep your strength up and stay healthy.

Bring What You Need with You

When you are moving from location to location, bring what you need with you, items such as a small toaster for breakfast may come in handy. Although it's a little extra work to carry those items around with you, they really do come in handy, save money and are lifesaving when you are too tired to go out for breakfast. Keep those extra items with you at all times, never take them out of your escort kit, you never know when you will need them! 

Treat Yourself

If you manage your money well and put money aside for each day that you arrive to be a day of unpacking, shopping and relaxation only, then you can have the best of both worlds. Your personal life and professional life can work well together, however, you will need to be disciplined and always put money aside each time you work to cover the first day's cost. Why not enjoy the city you are in whilst your working, your life is more than just being a professional escort, you are also a person as well, so it's best not to become too obsessed with making copious amounts of money if you can't enjoy your personal life too!

Book in a Facial or Massage on Your First Day or Before Work

Why not book in for a facial or massage on your first day or before work early in the morning. You may even be able to arrange through the hotel for someone to come and give you a massage in your room before you see clients, or at the end of your workday to relax and de-stress.

Although these are extra costs you have to allow for in your budget, they will most probably benefit your mental and physical health. When you take good care of your health, your body will be able to keep working on a long-term basis. Escort work can be demanding at times, therefore you need to take care of your mind and physical body so that it can continue to make you money.

Pamper Yourself with a Bubble Bath

If you can't afford a massage or facial, then why not pamper yourself with a bubble bath or a visit to the hotel's gym or swimming pool if they have those extra facilities.

Most boutique hotels have extra facilities that can make your stay there so much more enjoyable. Try and get up early to work out in the gym or go for a swim early in the morning. If you finish up early on a particular day and it's the summer time, you can always head down to the swimming pool to relax and give your body some much-needed rest.

Moving from Location to Location

Moving from location to location need not be a negative or exhausting experience if you are organised and prepared when it comes to the check-in and check-out process. Make sure that you have a packing plan in place and wash all of your hostess clothing kits before you leave the hotel if possible. If the hotel doesn't have a washing machine, try and find a laundromat before you head to the next hotel when possible. Your escort kit should include items such as sexy lingerie, sexy costumes and everyday clothing items, along with personal hygiene and grooming products and other personal items that will make your stay comfortable.

Many Escorts Love to Travel

Many escorts who are adventurous love to travel around from location to location. Some escorts travel with another escort friend who stay and work within the same hotel, or a hotel close by.

When you travel with an escort friend there are many advantages, some of these include general security, friendship, support and work-life balance. If you have the option to travel with another professional escort who you get along with, then you may find they you are less lonely whilst travelling along with many other benefits that will benefit you physically and mentally.

Many Escorts Who Have Been Working as An Escort or Courtesan

Many escorts who have been working as an escort or courtesan for a while, know that they have to learn to pace themselves, otherwise they will burn out very quickly, so if you are clever you will learn to balance your professional escort work with your personal life.

Too many escorts only think about the money they are going to make and forget to make time for themselves. If you make sure that you allow time for yourself to enjoy yourself whilst you are working, you will probably find that you will be able to work as an escort for a lot longer than you may think.

When Moving from Location to Location

When you are moving from location to location as an escort in a country like Australia, you need to be organised so that you don't over-extend yourself, you also need to take regular breaks and endeavour to have a happy and healthy work-life balance. If you can concentrate on balancing all those things, then you could potentially make good money from being a professional escort who can work in the sex industry on a long-term basis. 

Advertise Your Up-and-Coming Dates Before Arrival

Before you move onto your next location, make sure you advertise your up-and-coming dates before you even arrive. Your escort ad is how you actually initially pique the interest of potential clients, and as pointed out in a previous post about How to Create an Escort Advertisement to Maximise Your Income, your escort ad is extremely important and it’s how you actually make money.

Without A Captivating Escort Ad

Without a captivating escort ad that is promoted in big cities throughout Australia, you stand very little chance of making money that will actually support you. Your escort ad should be updated regularly and should include basic content such as professional and selfie photos, sex services with prices if your state laws permit and all of your escort information. If you would like to see an example of what an escort ad could look like, please feel free to copy the Escort Example Ad that has put together for you.

Make sure that you are constantly updating your escort advertisement so that potential clients in locations that you may be visiting in the future can see when you will be in their local area. When high paying clients know that you will be arriving on particular dates, they will most probably contact you directly and make a time with you.

Once Clients Commit to a Time and Date

Once clients commit to a time and particular date, you can collect a non-refundable deposit from them to secure their spot. That way, you won't lose any money if they decide not to show for whatever reason. When you have clients booking in for your escort services before arrival, you can work out what times you still have left available, plus you will also know how you might go with your escort services in that particular location.

Ascertain Information About Upcoming Locations

You will also be able to ascertain if the location you intend to go to is feasible by general enquiries from prospective clients. If you receive many messages from clients who seem to be suitable for you, you will know in advance that the location you have advertised is a potentially lucrative one.

If you are not receiving many enquiries from prospective clients from a certain location before arrival, then you may wish to re-think your location choices. Sometimes escorts think that certain locations will be highly successful before arrival, however, once they start working in that particular location, they are quite disappointed that they didn’t even get many general enquiries and very low bookings.

Some Locations May Surprise You

Some locations may actually surprise you, many escorts think that certain locations in local suburbs of Australia, wouldn’t be worth their while, however, they are quite often surprised that some locations work out to be very popular, resulting in high revenue and regular clients visiting them.

So, if you advertise in the local suburbs of Australia and find that you get very little or no general enquiries, you may wish to substitute that particular area for a new one and see how you go with new enquiries regarding that new location.

If You Get More Enquiries

If you get more enquiries from the new location and potential concrete bookings, then you can change the other location to the new one you have been advertising on your escort ad and remove the old location.

If some clients noticed that you were coming to their local suburb and then changed it, simply explain to them that you didn't get much interest at that particular time, however, if they would like to book with you and pay a deposit for a future booking, then you can visit them in a few weeks time once you have finished at the current location.

You can let them know that for any reason you don't visit them in their local area, you are more than happy to refund their deposit in full, some clients may be trusting enough to agree to that.

If Clients Don't Wish to Leave a Deposit

If clients don't wish to leave a deposit, at least you will know that there is an interest in that particular suburb of Australia and you can try advertising in the area again in the future. Some clients are slow to send a private message to you, they quite often think you will automatically be in that area for a while and put off sending you a message.

When Clients Notice That You Have Left

After a while, clients notice that you have left and they are disappointed because they left it too long. Some clients need to wait until their next payday or they had to go away for work, once they return, they notice you have gone to a new location, so if you always have your future dates advertised, you increase the chances of legitimate bookings from potential clients who will show up for their appointment with you.

Take Bookings from Clients Before Arriving at Each New Location

Another way to increase your income as an escort is to take bookings from clients before you arrive at each new location. By taking bookings from clients before your arrival, you increase your revenue as certain clients will want to get in first to see you.

Make sure before you take bookings, that you have plenty of time to unpack and get settled before you accept clients. Most hotels don't allow you to check-in before 2 pm and quite often they are running late with having your room ready, so if you have booked your first client for 7 pm, just make sure that you will be ready by that particular time, otherwise, you won't have very happy clients.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Give yourself plenty of time to pack into your new location, it's highly advisable that you even postpone seeing your first client to the following day.

You may not think it's a lot of work to check into a hotel, unpack everything, have something to eat and get ready to see your first client all on the first day, however, the reality is that it's usually exhausting, especially if you have driven an hour or so before reaching your new location.

Put Money Aside every Time You Work

If you are sensible and put money aside every time you work for costs such as hotel fees, escort advertising and general living expenses, you will find that you can afford to shout yourself the first night that you arrive at your new location just to unpack, take it easy and gather any personal items you may need for the next few days.

When you don't put money aside each time you work for expenses, you will find yourself constantly chasing your tail, thus burning out in no time at all. Consider putting money aside for the first night so that you can relax when you first arrive, just put it down as a business cost, it's essential if you wish to keep your health and sanity!

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Touring as an Escorts in Australia

Many escorts within Australia try and change locations within their city first to try and make more money, however, if you find that you have changed locations as much as you can but would still like to generate more income, then you can always consider touring in another larger city within Australia.

Professional Escorts in Australia Tour

Not all, but many professional escorts in Australia will have tour dates for other cities advertised on their escort ads. Usually, escorts who have been working in their local city and local suburbs have learned from experience that if they want to increase their income they need to tour larger cities in Australia such as Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Being A Professional Escort is Competitive

Being a professional escort is competitive, however, if you are willing to work hard and treat it like you would any other career, then you can do very well in the sex industry for many years to come. Some escorts are happy to make a certain amount of money just to pay their bills and keep themselves going, however, many professional escorts and courtesans who are extremely serious about making good money and will do whatever it takes to make as much money as they possibly can.

Tour Other Bigger Cities

Touring other bigger cities in Australia is something that professional escorts who take their work seriously are willing to do! They know that they need to move their location to keep the money coming in. Quite often high paying clients who live in other cities of Australia would like to use your escort services, however, they live in another city, therefore making it hard for them to come and see you.

Clients are always looking to visit an escort that they haven't seen within their own city. Clients get tired of seeing the same escorts advertise after a while and look for something new and exciting! By touring other cities, you increase your chances of receiving more bookings and always staying fresh and exciting too as many potential clients as you possibly can.

Touring Bigger Cities as a New Escort

Touring bigger cities as a new escort can be quite daunting, so before you endeavour touring bigger cities within Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, it's best to start in your own city first until you find your feet, learn the ropes and feel condiment in your offerings as a professional escort.

Many Escorts Find Leaving Their Own City Daunting

Many escorts find the idea of leaving their own city to go and work for a week or even a month in a completely new city, however, it really doesn't need to be a daunting experience at all, instead, it could be fun and financially worthwhile in the end for you. To begin with, choose a city that is densely populated, that way you have a better chance of seeing more clients.

If new escorts wish to change their location to make more money, then it’s best if you start by advertising your escort services in larger, well built-up suburbs.

There Are Many Things You Will Need To learn

There are many things you will need to learn about being an escort that requires plenty of trial & error, as well as plenty of real-life experiences. To learn, review and amend those experiences, you will need to work as an escort for at least a few months to do so. Try not to rush this initial learning curb, as you will need to go through them to learn from them.

Although some of the experiences may be unpleasant at times, in the end, you will be full of confidence and will be able to face most of the challenges that come your way with a positive outcome.

Know When It's Time to Work in Another City

You will know when it's time to try your hand at working in another city besides the one you live in. This realisation usually comes when you feel confident that you have enough experience to spread your wings and discover a new city. You don't have to move to another city, you can simply pack your bag and fly to another city within Australia and try your luck.

Some escorts don't have a fixed address within Australia as they travel all the time, other escorts only tour from time to time interstate and smaller cities within their state more frequently. You just need to work out what suits you best, however changing your work location frequently will most probably help you to make more money. Each escort has its own unique set of experiences and requirements, so you should always do what's best for you personally and professionally.

Once You Have Worked Within Bigger Cities

Once you have worked within the bigger cities of Australia, you can always look at working in smaller cities outside of your own home state. For example, if you live in Queensland and usually work in Brisbane city and its surrounding areas and suburbs, then you may look at spending some time in Victoria and work in Melbourne city and its surrounding inner cities and suburbs.

You Could Literally Spend A Year Away from Home

You could literally spend a year away from your home state working your way through another state and its city areas, as well as all the suburbs that are densely populated within that city. After you finish working within another state, you could simply return to your home state to have a bit of a break for a few weeks to allow your mind and body to have rest for a while.

Once you arrive back to your home city and have had a few weeks break, you can always commence working as an escort again as you would have been away for at least a year. Any past clients you may have seen would probably love to see you again and there would be plenty of new potential clients that haven't seen you yet.

Once You Have been Back Working Again

Once you have been back working again for a while and have worked in your local city centre and travelled to any local coastal cities, built-up country towns and suburbs, you can always head off again to a different state that you haven't visited before.

The sex industry has really changed over the years, so working as a professional escort has been able to provide a lucrative job to professional escorts who take their work seriously. Professional escorts who put in the work, look after themselves and live a balanced work-life lifestyle quite often last for long periods of time within the sex industry.

Consider Touring Smaller Cities

You don't have to tour other big cities within Australia all the time, you could consider touring smaller cities such as Toowoomba, Newcastle, Bendigo and Kalgoorlie. Smaller cities within Australia, usually have good infrastructure, they are populated and have prospective clients in them who are willing to pay good money for your professional escort services.

Touring in Smaller Cities Has Many Advantages

Touring in smaller cities has many advantages for both you and prospective clients. Smaller cities are usually cheaper to stay in, so finding an affordable hotel will be easy. Smaller cities also offer a less stressful atmosphere in general, as they are usually more laid back and easier to navigate around.

Many smaller cities in Australia such as Byron Bay, Port Douglas and Broome have high-end clients who are wanting to see new escorts that can offer them something new and interesting.

Look for Smaller Cities to Advertise Your Escort Services In

When you are looking for locations within Australia that would be worthwhile advertising your escort services in, try and consider smaller cities and towns as many escorts overlook them. When you work in smaller cities, you don’t have to compete against so many other escorts, therefore it should be far easier to make money and then move on again to your next location.

Don't Want to Locate to Another City Within Australia?

Many escorts don't want to locate to another city within Australia, however, they are finding that escort work from the personally has slowed down to when they first started. It may even be the case that you have travelled around to coastal cities, suburbs and country towns and are still finding it tough, so if that is the case, you could always consider changing your escort name and appearance to help gain new clients.

Change Your Escort Name and Appearance

For escorts who are struggling to gain new clients, you may wish to change your escort name and appearance as another option. The reason you would consider changing your escort name and appearance is not to be dishonest and trick past clients, but to possibly pique the interest of potential new clients who may like another physical look compared to your normal physical appearance. Different clients like different looks in escorts, for example, you may be blonde and decide that you will change your look to a brunette instead.

If Previous Clients Sends You A Message

If a previous client sends you a message and ask you if you worked by a previous name, then don't lie, just be honest and say yes, that it's you. Who knows, maybe they are looking for a change and they like your current look, then perhaps they will still come and see you anyway, however, if you lie, then you may lose that client when they arrive at the door and then they could go and tell other clients on escort forums that you were being dishonest.

Changing Your Name

Changing your escort name is a great place to start when trying to create a new look and raise more revenue from new clients. Women, in general, change their personal looks all the time in real life, so why can't escorts do the same, just be honest about it if a client asks you.

Changing your escort name to suit your new look may even help you to promote yourself in your escort ads as it may give you a boost and a fresh start! A new escort name can also help you to fit into your new image or even character, so why not be creative and come up with something that has flair and stands out from the rest of the escorts out there.

How to Change Your Escort Appearance?

You may be wondering how you can change your prior escort appearance to increase your bookings. There are many ways you can change your appearance to increase bookings, some of these may include, changing your hair colour by dying your hair colour, wearing different wig colours and hair lengths.

Wear Different Wigs

Many escorts wear different wigs of various hair colours, styles and lengths to quickly change their appearance. If you are not into wigs, then you can always put in hair extensions to change your look around quickly as they are literally instant. Wearing wigs is ideal when you want to switch your new lookup very quickly, as they are only temporary and can be removed at the end of your workday. Hair wigs have come a long way these days, you can be purchase really good quality hair wigs that feel like real hair and are fitted and secured onto your head so they won’t come off easily.

Invest in Really Good Human Hair Wigs

You could invest in one really good human hair wig, to begin with, and see how you go, then if you can get used to wearing them, you can purchase additional human hair wigs in other colours and styles.

Wigs and hair extensions can change your total look instantly and help to make you more money, remember, clients, don't all like or look for the same thing in an escort, so consider changing your physical appearance by investing in wigs. You may even find that some clients will request a certain wig and look when they come and see you, so wigs are another great way of raising your revenue.

Change Your Escort Ad, Professional and Selfie Photos

Don't forget to change your escort ad around when you change your name and physical appearance, your new appearance should match your professional photos and selfies as well.

You may even choose to keep your original escort appearance, however, offer several new looks by using hair wigs, sex costumes and lingerie. Just by introducing new looks, you could increase your income. Perhaps you could even give each look a different name so that clients can request a certain look by name.

Either way, make sure you update your ad regularly so that it matches your current situation and gives a cohesive look to your overall escort ad.

Consider Changing Locations Regularly within Australia

So, if you are a new escort or even an existing escort in Australia and would like to increase your income, why not consider changing locations regularly, as you may find that clients won't have time to lose interest in you.

Every new location brings fresh new enquiries and clients, so moving location may be the solution for you, especially when your income is diminishing and you feel confused as to what you can do to bring it back up again.

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