Should Escorts Go on a Holiday with their Clients?

Escort on holidays

As an escort, going on a holiday with a client should come as a juicy offer for you because it allows you to have a pleasurable experience while working. Holiday escort service is part of the services offered by Escorts in Sydney. This article will advise you on why you shouldn't turn down the offer to go on holiday with your client and important things to consider before going on a holiday with your client.

Escort services like other professions can be emotionally draining and thus requires pleasurable time to help one relax, refresh, recharge. So, when you get a unique opportunity to embark on a vacation, could you not turn it down? Rejecting the offer is like saying NO to being paid to relax and enjoy yourself.

There is a possibility that you will enjoy the client's company, and the trip may end up being far more enjoyable this way. This will allow you to have a more comfortable and unforgettable experience.

Most of the clients who hire Escorts for this service are often perfect gentlemen. During the holidays, they often lodge escorts at luxurious 5-star hotels, take them on a lavish shopping spree, and even give them money to cover extra expenses while on holiday. Further, some clients will allow you to take a break from your job to go sightseeing and do other leisure activities with them or by yourself.

Travelling for a holiday with a client makes an escort’s job a lot more exciting and rewarding. This is a mind-blowing deal that most escorts always look out for. All that is required from them is to provide companionship and fulfil sexual needs if mutually agreed upon. So, how do you say NO to such a fantastic offer?

It's, however, essential to note that sometimes things may not pan out as expected for some escorts when on holiday with the client. Hence, before you say YES to travelling with a client for holidays, ensure you research and ask some crucial questions. Decide whether to take the offer, thus preventing you from finding yourself in an unfavourable condition.

Things to Consider before going on holiday with a Client

Consider the Client's Personality

Be sure the client is someone you can easily get along with before embarking on a trip with them. Some clients might talk too much or be too reserved or demanding, and sometimes might be violent. You or your manager should subject the client to a strict screening process to avoid being trapped by scams and lowlifes. You should conduct interview calls and ask as many questions about the trip to ensure you're going to be safe with the client. If the client does not show any etiquette when hiring your escort services, then it's probably better not to accept their booking.

Get Details about the Trip

Ask the client about the holiday destination. Is it a local or overseas destination? Is it going to be a relaxing time away at a beach resort? Ask about the hotel where you will be lodging throughout the holiday and if you will be sharing a room or have separate rooms. And ask how long the holiday will take. This will help you know if you should take this job and how to plan. 

Ask about Expectations

Before embarking on a holiday, you should ask the client to explain in clear terms what their expectations are. You and the client should reach a mutual agreement on the services you will be offering, and there should be no surprises. You want to make sure that you are prepared. Open communication with your client is very vital. Ask if you will be attending some events or fun places during the holiday to prepare your dresses for each occasion or the client's preference in terms of dressing and appearance. Once you have been away with a client once or twice, you will be much more comfortable with future 

Ask About the Payment

Escorts set their rates, so you should be paid based on your rates, and your pay should be worth your service. Avoid any negotiation that will get you underpaid. Be clear and assertive about your rate since it is already clearly stated in your profile. If anything is going to change about your compensation it should increase probably due to added services or additional tips. And if possible, ask for upfront payment to avoid disappointment. 

Research about your Destination

To enjoy your holiday destination you must have adequate knowledge of the fun places in the area as well as its weather conditions and others. Adequate information about the destination weather condition will help you know the kind of clothing to bring along for the trip. And if the weather is too harsh, you can turn down the deal because your safety is important. You don't have to stress to get this information; there are tons of travel guides online that will furnish you with the necessary details you need.

Prioritize your Safety

Safety is essential when you are travelling with a client for a holiday. It's pivotal that you inform a close friend or sibling about your travel plans since you'll be travelling with a stranger and have no idea how things can turn out. Keep them constantly updated as you embark on the journey and when you arrive at your destination. You can share a picture of the hotel you lodge and other vital details with your trusted friend or sibling so you can be easily tracked if there is a need for it. If you are new to the industry, ask another escort friend about how to stay safe as an escort while travelling with a client.


Travelling with a client for a holiday is an awesome gig for an escort, but as clearly pointed out in this article, an escort should consider some factors before saying YES to the deals. This will forestall any kind of sorry situation. As escorts, don't shut your door at the idea of travelling with a client for holidays because it allows you to pursue your job while taking a break.

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