How To Handle Bad Reviews From Clients as an Escort


Okay, so we know you're a smart girl who wants to take care of herself. So, before going around as an independent escort you found a great escort agency, preferably in Sydney, Australia. We all know how important the support of an escort agency is for novice escorts. And then, you booked a client and went to see them.

Now, you did your best to please this client but even when you were leaving you knew things were a bit off. After the job for the day was done you returned home...only to find a bad review from a client! What now, then? The thing to understand here is that not everyone can please everyone.

You could try your level best yet someone might say something that borders on criticism. So, how do you handle bad reviews from clients as an escort in Sydney? What do you do when the escort agency asks you, where did you go wrong?

Well, read this article to find out because we're here to bail you out of tricky situations such as this! And not just that, read ahead for some tips to screen your clients and avoid messy situations!

When the client first enquires to make a booking

Some clients can be rude or arrogant and do not have any manners on how to treat a woman. If the client does not show any manners and does not have any etiquette when hiring your escort services, then it's probably better not to accept their booking as they might leave you a bad review even though none of it is your fault.

Learn To Read The Room...

You will never get a bad review in the first place if you learn to read the room. You'll have to gauge how your client is or what he or she is expecting. It's always better to turn a situation around than to give into it. 

We understand that at times the clients can be rude, arrogant or entitled - pick any of the adjectives but the bottom-line remains, you need to keep your cool to avoid a heated up situation. But then again, at times you might be in a bad mood yourself and let a client who's a bit cockier (sorry, no pun here) than the others just have it. 

And then there are situations when you feel like you must say something or react in a certain way. Learning to read the room will help you avoid getting in situations that might escalate quickly and not in a good way. From the very moment, you walk it to a room, learn to keep your cool and get out of the room if necessary. As an escort in Sydney, or anywhere else, it's important you remain safe and alert. If you are new to the industry then try to make some friends in the industry and ask them about tips on how to stay safe as an escort.

Tips On Screening Your Clients

An escort agency will certainly screen your clients for you as an escort in Sydney. But there are times when you get enough freedom and room to book your clients yourself. Different escorts get different levels of independence when it comes to choosing their clients.

As an independent escort in Sydney, you'd have to be more careful because you wouldn't have an agency to back you up. Bad reviews in the form of slurs, on a website or on any page on the internet might cause you harm. Bad reviews make you lose potential clients. So, it's necessary to screen your clients a bit before agreeing to be with them.

You must look for signs to know how they will be. When you're chatting with him or talking on the phone with a client, look for signs of how he is. A proper potential client won't bother you with details of how well endowed (yes) he is or what he'd like to do with you. These things are done by people who are just looking to get off after talking to an escort in Sydney.

Making appointments and then cancelling, asking you to share customized videos or photos of yourself or talking to you like he doesn't understand the propensity you have towards your job - all of these are red flags in a client. As an escort in Sydney, before choosing a client make sure you're comfortable with him.

How To Handle The Bad Reviews From Clients As An Escort In Sydney

Even after you've screened your clients or read the room to handle a situation, bad reviews could be imminent. As an escort in Sydney, you will have to learn to handle them like a pro. Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with bad reviews:

Learn from a bad review to avoid future misunderstandings.

It's possible you said something that didn't sit right with a client. Or maybe, the ice wasn't broken properly and your client was too shy to move ahead with you. Or could it be that you weren't inviting enough? Clients will have many expectations from the escorts in Sydney.

If you did something wrong, even unknowing, and the bad review you received was accurate, you will have to learn from it. Take what the client said into consideration to become the best companion you could be!

Keep your calm.

After you find out about the bad review - maybe it was posted on the internet for everyone to see - don't react in a negative way. So yes, someone didn't like the service you did your best but the customer is always treated as being right.

Don't get mad because a bad review from a person like this will let you know what to do if another client like this comes your way.

Stand your ground when necessary.

It's not always your fault and we know it. Report a bad review if you were treated unfairly, poorly or if the review is simply by someone who might be doing it callously. You don't have to take bad reviews lying down if you did nothing wrong. When you're replying to these people, be firm but polite like a professional escort in Sydney.

Then there could be situations where a person who hasn't even had an encounter with you could be writing a bad review. In that case, simply ban the user, definitely report the review and talk to the administrator of the website to remove any unverified user.  

Other Things You Could Consider Doing…

You can just simply talk to the person who gave you a bad review. People can be adamant in what they think but if you truly did nothing wrong, a simple follow up message might do the trick. This way, simple misunderstandings could be cleared up and maybe it would prompt the reviewer to review his or her bad review.

Moreover, the best thing you could do is ignore a really vile review. If you're unable to understand why someone would write something rude or vulgar about you which is totally uncalled for, don't take it at heart. You know how accomplished you are as an escort in Sydney. And a few bad reviews won't hurt you if overall you have happy clients!

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