How to Stay Safe as a New Escort

As a new or even existing escort, knowing how to stay safe when working should be your primary concern. Regardless of what you may have read or been told by other escorts or sex workers, you need to trust your gut instincts first and foremost.

Trust Your Gut Instincts as an Escort

Trust Your Gut Instincts

As females, in many situations we have been raised to be polite and not offend anyone, however, most men don't have that same issue, in fact in most cases they trust their gut instinct and act upon it promptly.

So, if you ever feel that you are in danger or in a position where you don't feel at ease, it's always best to either ask that person to leave or simply leave yourself immediately. Don't worry if you offend anybody, it may be the difference between being safe or finding yourself in a situation you can't get out of.

Let Someone Know Where You Are Working as an Escort

Before you even invite or start accepting bookings from clients as an escort, first and foremost and above anything else, MAKE SURE YOU LET SOMEBODY KNOW WHER YOU ARE!

When you are not working in a group setting such as a brothel, you run the risk of isolating yourself and putting yourself at risk, therefore you need to let at least one person know where you are, what days and times you are working!

Be Safe, Not Sorry!

The above advice is not to scare you, especially if you are thinking of working as a new escort in the sex industry, but rather to make you aware that there are always risks when working on your own and it's always best to be safe than sorry.


Have Another Escort as a Buddy

By letting somebody know where you are, when you will be working and what times of the day you will be working as an escort, is one of the best ways you can stay safe as possible. This person could be a family, a friend or even another escort who works in the sex industry.

If ever possible, having an alliance with another escort who is working in the sex industry could be of incredible benefit to you. Basically, you are like buddies looking out for one another when you are working on your own.

On many occasions, friends and families of escorts don't exactly know the type of work they do for a variety of reasons, therefore having another escort on your side may be more practical.

Message Your Escort Friend

If you are both working throughout the day and need to let each other know when a client arrives and leaves, you could set up a simple messaging system with each other. You could use the letter A for arrival and L for Left, that way if your buddy hasn't heard from you, they can message you to see if everything is alright, or even call you.

If they don't hear back from you after a short amount of time has passed, they can then notify the place you are working from to check on you or even call an authority if need be. Make sure that you implement some type of messaging system and strategy system in place before you even start seeing clients.

Let Clients Know You Have a Support Network

Don't overlook the importance of this step, if clients know that you have a support system ready and waiting, then they are less likely to try anything inappropriate with you.

What if a client refuses to leave

If you tell them that they need to leave for whatever reason and they don't listen, then you can tell them that you and your support network have safety measure in place. When you let them about the support network and what will happen if they don't leave, they will most probably be frightened and leave.


  • Trust your gut instincts - Don't worry if you think you are going to upset or offend someone, your safety comes first and trusting your gut could save your life!
  • Let someone know where you are - It's always best to let someone know where you are and when you are working, check in with them often.
  • Be safe, not sorry! - It's always better to be safe than sorry, plan ahead and have strategies in place.
  • Have another escort as a buddy - Having another escort as a buddy could be priceless. Look after one another by having each other's back.
  • Message your escort friend - Send a message to a friend or another escort letting them know when the client has arrived and left.
  • Let clients know you have a support person- If a client won't leave, let them know you have a person who knows where you are and when they arrived. Be detailed with your information so that the client refusing to leave will get the big picture quickly and hopefully leave immediately.

Be Clear About Your Escort Services and Charges Before The Client Arrives

Be Clear About Your Escort Services and Charges Before The Client Arrives

Usually, your first point of contact with a prospective client is either through direct mobile phone messaging, email or perhaps an email form that you have provided through your very own personal escort website.

When potential clients initially contact you, this is the time to be very clear about the type of sex services you provide as an escort and how much you charge.

If that particular client is looking for a type of sex service that you don't provide and is trying to talk you into providing it for them, then it's best to immediately cut any type of communication with them as they will most probably try to persuade you to offer that sex service upon arrival or try and get you to enter into that particular sex act during your time together.

Don't Let Them Chit Chat with You

Some clients will just want to have a chit chat with you via messaging, they usually have nothing better to do and are just trying to fill in time. If you feel that they are not asking direct questions regarding your escort services, then they are usually not interested and genuine, so politely let them know that they can contact you when they are ready to give you a fixed booking time and agree to your sex services and prices.

Genuine clients who are looking to spend time with an escort or sex worker will make initial contact with you, ask about your sex services, prices etc., and then if they are satisfied with the information, you have provided them, they will go ahead and make a booking with you.

Don't Tolerate Abuse

If they continue to contact you via messaging, either don't answer their messages until they make an appointment, or simply block them, especially if their messages are not appropriate or if in any way, they are being abusive, you simply don't need to put up with it!

There are plenty of time wasters out there who are just looking for cheap thrills, don't let them waste your time, they are not worth it and are never going to book with you!

Block Clients If Need Be

If at any time a client disrespects or treats you badly, make sure you BLOCK their phone number IMMEDIATELY! Now, that doesn't mean that you will never hear from them again or even see them again as some clients think they are very clever and will get new numbers, as well as change their names.

Clients May Try and Trick You

In the instance where clients try and trick you by changing their names and numbers, the only thing you can do is try and stop them at the door and ask them to leave.

The other thing you could do is report them to authorities, especially when you are working on your own as an escort. As an independent escort, working alone and for yourself, you are eligible to report them. Please note that the previous statement is general advice and in no way professional legal advice. If you are looking for legal advice to protect yourself make sure you seek professional counsel from a registered lawyer.

Eventually, They Get the Message

In most cases, especially when you report a client to the authorities, most clients will get the message and eventually leave you alone. If you are still being harassed by a particular past client, you could change your working name, place of work, phone number and even your look.

Change Your Appearance

Changing your appearance is another good way of throwing off pesky clients who don't know how to behave appropriately. You can wear a wig, wear different styles of lingerie and even take different styles of photos.

Change up your poses, escort name, place of work as well as location, this will help to throw them of the track, eventually, they will give up and probably try this on another escort…UNFORTUNATELY!

Plenty of Good Clients

At times, you may feel that there are plenty of time wasters, especially when you first start out as an escort, however, if you stay patient and give it some time, you will find plenty of genuine and legitimate clients who will visit you on a regular basis and will be more than happy to pay for your unique sex services.

Learn How to Successfully Screen Clients

Don't feel that you have to take any and every client that messages you, not all of them are for you. You may feel some days that you are not getting enough work, however, it's best to get slightly less work, than to put up with abuse and harassment.

Screening potential clients is a part of the sex industry and the more you work as an escort, the more you will become highly experienced in this area. The screening process is one of the most important aspects of escort work and will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.


  • Trust your gut instincts as a new or an existing escort
  • Be clear about your services and prices as an escort before arrival
  • Don't let them chit chat - You are simply wasting your time!
  • Block them - Don't tolerate any type of abuse, you don't need it or deserve it! Clients usually don't change their behaviours, so don't waste your time trying to be nice to them, you are simply wasting your time!
  • Clients may try and trick you - Some ill-behaved clients may try to trick you by changing their number and their name, so always be on the lookout for clients who have the same messaging patterns and use of words.
  • Eventually, they get the Message - Most clients eventually get the message, especially when you report them to authorities and let them know that you did and who you spoke to.
  • Change your appearance - In the event that a certain client just won't leave you alone, try and outsmart them by changing your appearance. You can wear a wig, change your photo style, clothing style, location etc.
  • Be patient - There are plenty of good clients who love your sex services as an escort.
  • Screening - Learn how to successfully screen clients from the very beginning of your time as an escort.
  • Be Selective - You don't need every single prospective person to be your client. By being selective you will eliminate clients who are not a good match for you, your sex services and prices. You will thank yourself in the end for being selective!
  • Address - Never give out the address until they make a clear commitment that they would like to make a time to come and see you. Even if they end up cancelling, you still eliminate unwanted clients.

Be Clear About Payment Methods You Accept For Your Escort Services

Be Clear About Payment Methods You Accept For Your Escort Services

Being very clear about the type of payment method you except at the time of the booking is extremely important. Let's say you only accept cash, it's always best to let them know when they make a firm booking with you. Then follow up with saying that you only accept cash and that you DON” T have any change, so could they please bring the exact amount with them.

Bring the Correct Amount

If clients know that you have cash in your possession, then you may be at a security risk for theft. Let them know that you don't keep cash on you, so could they please arrange the correct change.

Make sure that you keep any cash you may have with you in a safe, secure place. Don't leave your purse or handbag out on a table or insight of any potential clients.

Don't Keep Cash in Your Purse or Handbag

The best time to hide the cash is when your clients go and have a shower. Make sure your client is in the shower before you hide your cash, perhaps it's best not to keep money in a purse or a handbag as that's the first place a client will probably look.

Be Creative with Hiding

Be creative with where you hide your cash, don't make it easy for clients to steal from you. Look for hard to find places that would require clients to dig around for quite some time before they find your cash.

Working as an escort can be long and hard work at times, so losing any money that you have worked hard for in an instant would be most upsetting, so make sure you take the time to hide it properly.

Move the Hiding Place Around

In the instance that you may have a client come back twice in a day or two day's running, make sure you outsmart them by moving the cash around, you never know if they were watching you somehow when you hid the money. If for some reason they get wind of where you hid the cash, they may book to see you again that same day thinking they can steal money from you. Don't trust anyone, even if they seem really nice!!!!!!!!!

When They Don't Have the Correct Change

Some clients may try and trick you by not bringing the correct change in hope that you will go and get them change from your handbag or a hiding place. In the situation where a client brings too much money, you could either have a small amount of cash located in a central place away from the rest of your money and give them that, or let them know that your sorry, but you won't be able to give them change.

By letting clients know before you provide any services, it gives them the ability to decline or accept. If you choose to keep around $50 worth of change with you in a central location, then you will most probably eliminate any major theft from happening. Also, clients may think that you haven't worked very much that day and have limited funds on you.


  • The payment methods you accept - When you make a booking with a client, make sure you are very clear on what payment methods you will accept.
  • Bring the correct amount - ask your clients to bring the correct amount with them, this will help eliminate any theft from clients.
  • Don't keep cash in your purse or handbag - Keeping cash in your purse or handbag is not advisable as that's where most clients are most likely to look.
  • Be creative with hiding - Try and be creative with hiding your cash, don't hide it in obvious places.
  • Move the hiding place around - Make sure you move your cash around in various places. Some clients may book with you two times in one day, just so that they can steal from you. If you are working in the same place for more than one day, make sure you move your money around as one client may tell another potential client where you hide your money.
  • When they don't have the correct change - Even when you tell clients they must have the right change, there are always times when they simply don't! In these cases, it's always best to keep a small float of change in a common area of where you are working. Anything from $50-$100 will do, you don't want to keep any more than that in visible sight. Make sure you have coins and small notes to give as change, that way you don't have to turn a client away completely.

Escorts Should Turn Clients Down If Need Be

Escorts Should Turn Clients Down If Need Be

Even though you have most probably screened potential clients thoroughly by this stage, you may still have a client here and there turn up at your doorstep that is not so desirable.

Turn Clients Away at The Door

Clients can quite often seem normal in their initial messages to you, however, they may present themselves at the door as either drunk, on drugs or even potentially abusive for whatever reason.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, then you ABSOLUTELY must not let them in the door! If you feel threatened then you could tell them that you can't see them now because the situation has changed. Tell them anything, make up an excuse, it really doesn't matter if your hurt their feelings because at the end of the day your safety comes first and it's the only thing that matters at this stage.

Make Up Any Excuse

If for some reason they make it through the door, then you could tell them that the last client is still there, in fact, they are still getting dressed and you accidentally told them that you are free to see them.

If you can think of anything else to tell them that you think may work, then try it, your life is definitely worth it! Please keep in mind that if they are on drugs, intoxicated or abusive before you spend time with them as an escort, you will most probably have problems on your hands and it's best to prevent anything from happening before it actually does.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Working as an escort has advantages and disadvantages and it's always best to walk into the sex industry with open arms so that you can arm yourself with information.

Lastly, when you first start out as an escort, don't be too hard on yourself if you find yourself in the situations mentioned above. Even escorts who have been working in the sex industry for a longer period of time, still have situations arise from time to time.

Be Realistic and Educate Yourself

It's literally impossible to eliminate every single potential incident from happening, however, if you educate yourself as much as possible, then you may have a really good chance to eliminate as many unnecessary situations from happening.


Disclaimer: The above suggestions regarding how you may be able to handle clients who turn up at your door are only suggestions, so if you try any of the suggestions above and they don't work for you, then please be aware that you are personally responsible for any outcomes.


  • Turn clients away at the door – If you find that a client is drunk, on drugs or abusive when you meet them at the door, turn them away immediately.
  • Make up any excuse - In the situation where the client makes it in the door, make up an excuse that suits you best and you feel comfortable with.
  • Advantages and disadvantages - Working as an escort in the sex industry has its advantages and disadvantages, just like any type of work does. Arm yourself with helpful and useful information, do your research.
  • Be realistic and educate yourself - Be realistic about the situations you may find yourself in when working as an escort, it's not all bad! education is of the utmost importance.
  • Disclaimer - The disclaimer is to point out that all of the suggestions in the above post are only suggestions, so if you feel that none of the above applies to you, disregard them, do your own research and implement strategies that are only useful to you. Everyone's situation is unique and the suggestions listed above are only general in nature.

Escorts Should Take the Payment First

Escorts Need To Take the Payment First For Their Services

It's very important that when your client initially arrives that you greet them at the door and then before you do anything else, kindly ask them for the payment of your escort services.

If you don't take the payment immediately you will forget and most probably won't receive payment for your escort services. Once that client leaves, you probably won't see them again. There are always exceptions where the client lives locally and would like to see you again, so they will either come back on the same day or the next time they see you and eventually and pay you.

Eliminate Non-Payment Issue's Straight Away

If you take the payment straight away, you basically eliminate this scenario from ever happening. You don't have to forceful about asking for payment, simply ask politely upfront and then move on from there.

By asking for the payment once they arrive, you also eliminate the fact that they may not have bought the full amount of money with them. Many clients will pretend that you told them a lesser amount, just so that they can get out of paying the money that you initially asked for. If you find yourself in this situation, you can go back and check your messages on the phone in front of them and showed them the amount you agreed upon.

Ask Them to Leave If They Won't Pay

After showing them proof, if they still only want to pay you the amount they brought with them, then you will need to let them know that you can't provide your escort services to them today and politely ask them to leave.

At this point, if they refuse to pay you the full amount or leave, you will need to stay strong and be very assertive with your body language and tone of your voice.

Stay Calm and Assertive

Try not to be confrontational with them as this will only escalate the situation quickly and it may lead to a dangerous situation. Instead, stay calm, let them know that you have a support person or security person, who is waiting for you to message them confirming you are alright each time a client arrives and leaves. Be clear by saying, if I don't check in when a client arrives or leaves, my security or support person will come looking for me and they will know that you were the last person I was with. You have their phone number, so remind them that you have their phone number and messages as proof.

If they still don't leave after you explain that you have someone who checks in on you each and every time a new client arrives, then simply grab your phone, unit key and leave immediately.

Have A Security Plan in Place

If the client tries to stop you on the way out, you can have other security measures in place that you can follow, some of these security measures will be listed down below in another section. Make sure that you always have a clear, organised and well thought out security measure policy, just in case you are ever in a situation that involves your security and wellbeing.


  • Payment- Greet your client at the door and kindly ask for the payment before you offer your escort services. Getting the payment out of the way first will ensure that you get paid.
  • The Client Doesn't have full payment- In the case the client doesn't have the payment, kindly ask them for the balance or ask them to leave.
  • The Client won't leave- If you have asked for the payment and they have refused and won't leave, calmly remind them you have a security person waiting for you to contact them.
  • Security plan- Have a security plan in place, you can never be too careful and it's always best to be prepared.

Set Clear Boundaries With Your Clients as an Escort

Escorts Should Set Clear Boundaries With Their Clients

Once your client arrives, you have greeted them and they have paid, it's always best to lay down a few ground rules with them. Setting clear boundaries from the beginning will help establish your expectations from them during your time together.

If you don't set at least a few ground rules from the beginning, some clients may take advantage of your kindness, generosity and good nature. You can present your ground rules to them in a friendly and positive way so that you don't start off on the wrong foot!

Add Your Own Ground Rules

If you are a new escort and you don't have any of your own ground rules, then you may find the list of rules below helpful. The list of rules is just a guideline for you, feel free to make up your own or extend on these one's listed below.

Some Ground Rules To Establish With Your Clients

  • Payment first - Make sure you hide the payment once they are in the shower. Never reveal where you keep the money!
  • Confirm the sexual services that you have agreed on with the client.
  • No natural services - Let them know you don't do natural services or any other services that are not on your list.
  • When they break the rules - Explain to them that if they break the rules and you have to ask them more than once to stop their behaviour, your time together is over and they will be asked to leave.
  • Shower first - Ask them to shower before you offer your sex services, if they refuse, tell them that you won't be spending time together today. Refund their money and ask them to leave politely.
  • Condom - Tell them they must wear a condom at all times, if they try and take it off then your sex services are over with, even if you are halfway through your time together.
  • Check nails - Check their nails to make sure they are not dirty or sharp. If they are dirty ask them to wash them and if they are sharp, ask them to clip them quickly before you begin.
  • No rough play- if you don't like rough play, make sure you explain that to them before your service as an escort commences.
  • No drugs or alcohol - When they arrive, make sure they are not on drugs or intoxicated. If they have slurred speech or reek of alcohol, simply explain to them that you don't see clients who are using drugs or alcohol during your time together.
  • Time frame - You can give them a time frame of how and when your service will take place and finish.
  • Time to leave - Once it's time for them to leave, make sure you give them plenty of time to get dressed and leave before your next client arrives. If they are taking too long, gently mention that you have a client waiting for you, that will usually get them on their merry way!

Add Your Own Rules

The above-mentioned ground rules are just a general guideline for new or even existing escorts and sex workers. You may wish to use all of the above guidelines, or perhaps just a few. It really depends on your work situation, personal preferences and the type of clients you have come through the door.

Once again, discussing situations such as these with other sex workers and escorts, may very well be of help to you, keep an open mind and listen to what works for other escorts and why.

Being Assertive and Confident is a great quality to have as an Escort

Being Assertive and Confident is a great quality to have as an Escort

Being assertive and confident is extremely important when working as an escort in the sex industry. If you come across shy and can't hold your own, clients will sense it and take advantage of your kind and generous nature.

By all means, that doesn't mean that you have to be harsh, rude or mean, it simply translates to being confident in your abilities at being a professional escort.

Stick to Your Rules

Letting your clients know that you have rules and that you are on top of things is extremely important to the overall outcomes you may face each time you work as an escort.

If clients think that they can push you around they most probably will, so that's why it's extremely important to have clear rules and guidelines in place at all times. Don't make any exceptions for anyone as you may very well regret it and could possibly end up being hard on yourself for letting something happen that you normally wouldn't. These types of incidents can really get into your head and affect your mental health over days, weeks and months.

We have all met types of people throughout our lives that are firm but fair. They stick to their rules and don't let people take advantage of them, that's exactly how you need to be when working as an escort, firm but fair!

Don't Negotiate

Never, ever negotiate with clients! Once you make your rules, stick to them the best you can! There may be an exception here and there where you may negotiate ever so slightly, especially if it means that you will stay safe when working as an escort.

Make Rules When You Are Well Rested

When you make rules that pertain only to you, make sure you set your rules and boundaries when you are of a sound mind. That means you are well-rested and not in any sort of burn out stage. It's always best to think logically, therefore you need to be able to be balanced physically and mentally when setting rules and guidelines.

Learn From Experiences

Always learn from experiences that you have had in the past when working as an escort. If you are a new escort, then either listen to other escorts and start with some of their rules. If you don't know any current escorts who will share their trade secrets, then sit down with a pen and paper and think of any type of situation you may find yourself in and start with those ideas first.

Keep A Journal

Each and every time you have a successful experience or not so pleasant experience when working as an escort, make sure you keep a journal and write everything down, this will help remind you why a certain experience played out in a certain way. Keeping a journal between clients will help you to remember the finer points of that particular experience. That way you can either repeat a behaviour based on previous experiences, or you can eliminate or you can eliminate or change around unpleasant situations you may have found yourself in.

When You Negotiate

When you negotiate with clients, especially when you are feeling tired or burnt out, you may find yourself regretting your decision to let something go. The reason most escorts regret negotiating is that they knew it was a mistake from previous experiences and they end up wishing they weren't so accommodating.

When You Don't Negotiate

When you don't negotiate your terms and conditions when working as an escort, your working days should flow much more smoothly and inevitably end up in successful experiences. The reason why you set rules and guidelines as an escort prior, during and after seeing various types of clients, is so that you won't fall into the same cycle or trap again.

Trust Yourself

Learning to trust yourself quite often comes with age, life experiences and events that may have happened to you in the past that were either pleasant or not so pleasant. Escorts who usually don't trust their gut instincts quite often find themselves repeating behaviour patterns that are not so desirable, so always trust yourself, you know what's best for you!


  • Be assertive and confidant - When you are a new or even existing escort, you always need to monitor your behaviour, being confident and assertive at all time is essential to your overall experiences.
  • Stick to your rules - Make sure you let your clients know as soon as possible that you have rules and that you don't detour from them for anyone.
  • Don't Negotiate - if you negotiate with clients when working as an escort, you may find yourself in a situation that you really don't want to be in. Only negotiate if it means that it will ensure your personal safety.
  • Make rules when you are well rested - Setting rules for yourself as an escort is extremely important, even more so when you are well-rested and mentally fit. Never make rules for yourself when you are tired, worn out or even burnt out. If you have to make a rule when you are struggling, then do so, then revaluate that new rule when you are in better health.
  • Learn from experiences - Learning from good or bad experiences when working as an escort is a great way to readjust your rules and standards. When particular rules work for you and eventuate into a positive experience, make sure you note them down in your journal so you can implement them again and again. When you experience a particular situation that is not enviable, then make sure you note them down as well, so that you can correct them and redirect those experiences in a better way, thus resulting in positive encounters.
  • Keep a journal - For some escorts keeping a journal may seem a little strange, however, for new escorts in particular it's a great way to record your rules, experiences and outcomes. At the end of every day, look back over your notes and adjust your sex services, experiences with clients and outcomes in various scenarios.
  • When you negotiate - You may find yourself in an unpleasant situation when you negotiate your rules and boundaries. You set those rules previously for a reason, so make sure you follow through with them to ensure you have successful days when working as a new or even well-seasoned escort.
  • When you don't negotiate - When you don't negotiate with clients, you will most probably never have to worry about unpleasant situations in general. Sure, here and there they may arise, however, for the most part, you will have more positive outcomes as a new escort when you stick to your rules and trust in yourself and your capabilities.
  • Trust yourself - Always trust in yourself and your instincts, you know best! In many cultures around the world women are conditioned to be nice, don't upset anybody, however, this is the worst thing you could possibly do when working as an escort. That doesn't mean you have to be a bully or mean to your clients, it simply means to trust in yourself and to never let your guard down by trusting a client who is trying to push your rules and boundaries. TRUST YOURSELF!!

Monitor Your Own Behaviour as an Escort

Monitor Your Own Behaviour as an Escort

Being an escort requires you to be on top of your game at all times, you can never let your guard down, so you will need to monitor your own behaviour at all times.

Having optimal physical and mental health is a great place to start. When you put yourself first and take care of your health on a daily basis you will find that your behaviour will be on an even keel.

Take Excellent Care of Yourself

You can do this by getting plenty of sleep, eat nutritious snacks and meals, drink plenty of water and lead a balanced home and work life. Stay away from drugs and too much alcohol, engage in some time or daily exercise or meditation as well.

Spending time with family and friends is also a good way to detach from work and release any stress you may have accumulated during the day.

Pace Yourself

Many new escorts that start off working in the sex industry, make the mistake of working way too many hours and days each week. They tend to burn out extremely quickly because they want to make as much money as they can.

This is a very big mistake, because in no time at all you will reach the burnout stage and then you won't be able to work at all!

Benefits of Monitoring Your Behaviour

There are many benefits of monitoring your behaviour, first and foremost when you keep your behaviour in check, you are more likely to stay in control and eliminate any type of potential situations from arising.

If you are tired physically and mentally, you probably won't be able to keep your emotions under wraps, therefore you may find yourself in less desirable situations.

A Balanced Lifestyle is the Key

Many of the situations that may arise when you are not feeling balanced or stable could have been prevented, so make sure that you put yourself first and focus on leading a balanced lifestyle. Burnout usually happens when you work way too many hours and don't have enough time from working as an escort, remember, you a human being first before anything else!

When you balance your work/home life, you will most probably find that your health will be in good shape, therefore you will find that you are able to balance and manage your own behaviour. Managing your behaviour means that if or when you come across a situation that may require to stay calm and think logically, you will be able to do exactly that, stay calm!

Learn from Other Escorts

The best way to learn helpful hints and tips about being an escort is to talk to other escorts who have been working long enough to know all the ins and outs of the sex industry.

At this point, you are probably asking why would they do that? Why would they share their secrets with me? They don't know me, so why would they want to help give away their trade secrets.

Off course other escorts are not going to freely give up everything they have learned about working as an escort in a heartbeat, however if you get to know other female escorts over a period of time, you could come forth and offer your time to them as a support person, or your help in other ways in exchange for just some friendly and helpful tips.


  • Monitor your own behaviour - Make sure that you have optimal mental and physical health along with a balanced lifestyle so that you can be in control of yourself at all times.
  • Take excellent care of yourself - Live a balanced lifestyle, get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, exercise and eat well.
  • Pace yourself - When you work too many hors and days as an escort, you may run the risk of burnout, so make sure that you pace yourself, there will always be another client, but not another you!
  • Benefits of monitoring your behaviour - There are many benefits of monitoring your behaviour, mostly you will benefit greatly by being able to eliminate undesirable incidents really quickly.
  • A balanced lifestyle - By living a balanced life, you will find that you will be able to work as an escort for extended periods of time. However, when you ignore your mental and physical health, you will burn the candle at both ends and will most probably end up leaving escort work and the sex industry.
  • Learn - Learning from other escorts who have been in the sex industry as an escort for a considerable amount of time. Listen to them, ask them for advice and select information that will help you become a wiser and healthier escort.

Safety Measures For Escorts

Safety Measures For Escorts

Now it's time to talk about specific safety measures that are not only specific to ensuring you have successful and positive workdays when working as an escort in the sex industry, but also in regards to staying safe and staying alive!

All the information you will find listed below are general guidelines and suggestions, so if you feel the following points do not relate to you, please disregard and seek professional advice that is unique to your current and future as an escort.

Have Safety Measures in Place

Every single escort working in an industry such as the sex industry should have some basic safety rules and measure in place before you even begin to work as an escort. Each and every workplace that you conduct escort services from should have viable escape options and routes, so please consider your evacuation plan before working from certain locations.

Have a Safety Plan in Place

It's extremely important to work from locations that have some type of security measure in place. For e.g., hotels and motels usually have fire safety routes in place, you will usually find your evacuation route diagram on the back of the hotel room door. Make sure you know your escape routes prior to your workday. By knowing how and when you can escape may very well save your life, so make sure you plan out an escape route prior to seeing any client.

Hotel Security Cameras

If you are working from home, hotel etc, make sure you work from a location that has video cameras, they may very well save your life. When a client knows that there are security cameras in place, they are far less likely to try anything really bad.

Clients visiting you will know their identity has been revealed and they are on camera, if they don't behave appropriately, gently remind them that they are on camera. The video footage will pick up their time of arrival and when they leave, so if anything happens, you will have proof they were there with you.

Keypad Security

If you can work from a building, unit or house that has a security keypad outside, that would be most advisable. A keypad will stop most clients from just going to your room uninvited, therefore lessening the risk of unwanted guests.

Screen Clients Via Keypad

A security keypad will enable you to control your working situation most of the time. When you are ready to see a client, you can give them your room number and then they will enter that number into the keypad. Once they enter the room number, you can pick up the receiver located in your room and ask them who is there. By screening your clients, you will have more control of certain situations, therefore eliminating potentially dangerous or unwanted situations.

Before you work from any location that has a keypad, make sure you ask the staff if the keypad is currently in good working condition. If you have to, go to the location you wish to work from and test it out for yourself, this may give you peace of mind.

Various Unwanted Situations

There are various unwanted situations you may face working as an escort in the sex industry. So, by working from a location that has enhanced security measures in place such as video cameras and keypads, you are far safer than locations that don't.

When you have the choice, always look for locations that provide enhanced security as clients are less likely to try something with you when they know that they can and will be exposed for their actions.

Potential Unwanted Situations

Below you will find a few scenarios that you may come across as a new or existing escort, so avoiding potential scenarios such as the ones below, try and consider working from a location that has a working keypad.

Scenario 1: Let's say a client has turned up really early and you are not ready to see them as you may potentially already have a client with you. In this case letting the client in would be a privacy issue for both the clients, the client you are currently with and the one you are about to let in.

Clients do not usually like to see each other as this may expose them to someone who may already know them, or perhaps they are known to the general public. You can quickly and easily control or diffuse a situation such as this with a keypad and the handset you have in your room, you can simply ask them to wait for you and then let them know when you will be ready to see them by sending them a message on their mobile phone.

Scenario 2: You may find yourself in a situation where you saw a client previously that day and they still have the keypad number. For whatever reason they think is acceptable, they decide to call your room number whenever they feel like it, hoping you will see them again for free or just for another paid visit that they didn't previously schedule.

In this particular case, they will have to dial your room number to grant access to either the lift and your room or just your room. When they call your room number, you will be able to let them know that currently, it's not convenient to see them and then set another time suitable, along with an agreed amount. The keypad will eliminate potential surprise or unwanted guests.

Scenario 3: Occasionally, you will come across a client who seemed to be fine during the initial booking, however when they arrive its apparent that they are either drunk, on drugs or even downright abusive. In this situation, you have the freedom to be able to decline to see them. If they continue to abuse you, let them know that there are security cameras, staff on the reception etc. They will eventually go away!

Work from a Location with Staff

When you first start out as an escort in the sex industry, it's always a good idea to work independently from a hotel that has hotel staff working 24 hours per day. Having staff at the reception desk adds an extra layer of security and safety for yourself.

Contact Reception Staff

Knowing that there are contactable staff working on the reception 24 hours is definitely to your advantage. If anything was to happen, you have staff downstairs that you can call and ask for assistance. Most hotel these days have security working either at the front door or throughout the complex.

In an event that something strange occurs, you can always ask the reception to send up security. As a paying customer, you have the right to call for security if need be.

Hotels Are A Good Option

Hotels are a good option for new and existing escorts because they offer a high level of security. Although they might cost more than other places, they do offer security measures such as cameras, keypads, 24-hour reception staff and security guards.

Not all hotels offer all of these security measures, however many of the better ones do, so you just need to weigh up whether or not your personal safety is worth the money you pay for the room rate. In all cases it should be a YES, it is worth the money!


  • Have safety measures in place - When you work as an escort, you must always have safety measure in place, make sure you have as many safety measures as you can before you commence work.
  • Have a safety plan in place - An evacuation safety plan is extremely important as it may very well save your life. Make sure you know how you can escape through other means other than the lift.
  • Hotel security cameras - Working from a location that has working security cameras is highly advisable. When clients know they are on camera, they are less likely to do anything that may cause them some type of prosecution. Make sure that you remind clients that are behaving inappropriately that they are on camera.
  • Keypad security - Try and always work from locations that have a working security keypad outside the hotel or unit complex, it will be invaluable on so many levels.
  • Screen clients via keypad - Make sure that you screen your clients thoroughly via the keypad before allowing them access to your floor and room. Don't allow any client to come to your room until you are completely ready and you know that the client that is dialling your room number is exactly who you are expecting.
  • Various unwanted situations - Always avoid potential unwanted situations by using your keypad and screening process that you have in place. Don't let anyone come to your room unless you are 100% sure that the client that is requesting to come to your room is the right person. You will eliminate unwanted situations very quickly!
  • Potential unwanted situations - Knowing what potential unwanted situation may arise throughout your workday as an escort is extremely important. When you first start out as an escort, you may not know what they are, however, try and think about what unwanted potential situations may arise and perhaps start with them or the one's that are listed above. Learn from them, and then revaluate unwanted situations that you may encounter on a regular basis and then put new plans in place. Always be evaluating, never stop!
  • Work from a location with staff - It's extremely wise to work from locations where there is someone always around. Choosing locations that have hotel reception staff who work 24 hours is a great place to start. Although locations that have 24 hours staff may cost more, they are also a lot safer as well! That's not to say that nothing bad will ever happen, however, the chances are most probably a lot less.
  • Contact reception staff - In the event that an issue arises and you need hotel security, make sure that you call the reception, let them know you have a situation or unwanted guest that you need to leave. Let them know that you won't be in your room when the security staff arrive, just so they know you won't be there. In the meantime, remove yourself completely from the situation and look for your escape routes, never stick around to see if the situation improves. Your life is more important!
  • Hotels are a good option - Hotels are a great option when working as an escort. Many of them have security cameras, keypads and hotel security. In most cases the guest can't access your floor or room without you activating the lift, so for the extra you may pay in room costs, you will greatly benefit when it comes to your personal safety. Working from a hotel is not for everyone, however, one thing is for sure, hotels can offer many beneficial security measures that other locations won't.

Condom Safety For Escorts

Condom Safety For Escorts

Supply Your Own Condoms

Make sure you always supply your own condoms, never ever except them from clients unless you have none left and it means that you will be without one in that particular moment!

Why You Need to Supply Your Own Condoms

When you supply your own condoms, you know approximately how old they are, if they are from a reputable company and are you allergic to them etc. There are many other reasons why you will want to use your own condoms, however, the singular biggest reason as to why you need to use your own condoms is because of reliability.

Don't Trust Anyone

There is really no way of knowing if the client tampered with condoms prior to arrival when they bring their own condoms. Even though the seal of the packet may be sealed, many people are crafty these day's and the possibility of them tampering and covering it up is always a possibility.

Condoms Are A Priority

If you find yourself in a situation where you didn't remember to buy condoms before your workday, then make sure you go and get them immediately! Find a local store, petrol station or chemist where you can buy them from. Simply message your first client of the day and let them know that unfortunately, you are running around 30 minutes late and that you have to push back your time together. If they respond by saying that they will have to leave their appointment time, then just apologise and let them know it couldn't be helped. You can always ask if they can re-schedule for later on in the day, or perhaps another day soon. You are better off turning a client away if need be, remember your health and safety always comes first. Many clients will come back later on in the day if they know you are being genuine with them, so when possible try and re-schedule.

Buy Condoms in Bulk

When possible, it's always more economical and convenient to buy condoms in bulk. You can buy them online or even from your local sex shop once you know that you like that particular brand. Ideally, it's best if you buy a small packet of condoms first to make sure that you like the brand, fit etc, then once you are sure about them, go ahead and buy them in bulk, that way you don't have to worry about running out and having to cancel appointments with clients.

Only Accept Certain Sexual Positions

Before your clients arrive, make sure you let them know in the initial booking process that you only accept certain sexual positions. As a new escort, you may not be aware that some clients may try and push their condom off when in positions such as "doggy style". If you do offer doggy style as part of your sex services, then just be aware of what they are doing back there. Even the most trusted clients that you may have been seeing for a while, may very well try something every now and then. Just be aware, especially new escorts!


  • Supply your own condoms - Always supply your own condoms, that way you will know if they are intact, sealed, hygienic and safe. Never accept condoms from clients!
  • Why you need to supply your own condoms - Here and there you may have a client who wants to use their own condoms, it could be for a rational reason, or perhaps they don't trust yours. In case such as these, you need to stand firm and let them know that you want to use the condoms you have purchased as you know for sure that they have not expired, are sealed correctly and basically don't have holes in them!
  • Don't trust anyone - You will have clients from time to time who will try and charm you by saying you can trust them! You really can't trust anyone when working as an escort, especially when you are new to the sex industry. Occasionally you will have a client that you see on a regular basis who will try and get away with not using a condom, or wanting to supply one of their own. Regardless of how many times you have provided service to them, you should never let your guard down and trust them. It's not personal, it's just professional to stick to your rules and guidelines because it's when you make allowances that things can happen and go wrong.
  • Condoms are a priority - Never, ever make allowances, condoms should always be your priority to stay safe and healthy.
  • Re-schedule - If need be, reschedule your appointments with clients if you run out of condoms. In many cases, clients will re-schedule with you, especially when you seem genuine.
  • Buy condoms in Bulk - Try and get into the habit of buying condoms in bulk, you will find that it's probably much cheaper and more convenient. Initially, when you first start out, you can buy condoms in smaller amounts, however, once you find condoms that you like, make sure you buy them in bulk to save money and time.
  • Only accept certain positions - Be very careful with clients when they are in certain positions such as doggy style. Some clients may try and remove their condom, so always be aware of what's happening in certain sexual positions.

Personal Safety Tips For Escorts

Personal Safety Tips For Escorts

There are many other personal safety tips that many new escorts aren't aware of that are also very important to your personal security and having more positive experiences as opposed to negative ones.

Below you will see several potential scenarios that may arise during your time as an escort. Some of them are obvious and others are usually learnt through working as an escort over a period of time.

Avoid Wearing Jewellery

Always avoid wearing any type of jewellery when you are working as an escort not just because you increase the risk of theft, but also for safety reasons.


Accidently or non-accidentally, clients could rip earnings out from your ears when you spend time with them. Even if it is an accident, you could end up with torn ear lobes, infection etc. This can easily be avoided by simply not wearing any type of earrings at all. Simply remove them before you commence work, make sure you hide them properly if they are of any type of value.


Necklaces are extremely dangerous, avoid wearing them at all cost! A client can choke you with a necklace and they can also get caught on something and you end up choking yourself. Make sure you remove any type of necklace before you begin your working day, don't forget, it may save your life!


Bracelets are also dangerous and need to be removed before you work as an escort! They are easy to lose, drop off and break quickly, plus they can get caught easily on things. You don't want to find yourself in a dangerous situation where you need to flee quickly from a client, but you can't because your bracelet or necklace has caught on something that you can't break away from.

Always Take Off Your Jewellery

In general, take off your jewellery, leave it at home or put it in a safe hiding place. Although it might look pretty or you are simply used to wear it on a daily basis, it's just not worth the security risks you may face when wearing it.

Escorts Should Not Accept Food, Drinks or Drugs from Clients

Escorts Should Not Accept Food, Drinks or Drugs from Clients

Sometimes, you will have clients come and visit you who will bring you food and drink during your time together. Most of the time it's totally innocent and they are just being really kind. When a client brings a food or a drink item that is hygienically sealed, you are most likely to be safe, however, if a client brings something with them that can be laced, then you may want to consider declining that food or drink item. This is something that a new escort working in the sex industry may not be aware of.

Although it is highly unlikely that tampering with your food may occur, it's always a possibility, so just be aware that you need to be on the picky side when excepting food or beverages from clients.

Order in Food and Beverages

In the instance that a client is staying for more than an hour and offers to pay and order in food or beverages from a reputable establishment, you will most likely be safe, however, make sure that you keep your eye on the items ordered as clients may try and lace your food or beverages with something whilst you are in the bathroom, so just be very AWARE at all TIMES!

Don't Do Drugs or Alcohol

When you start off as an escort in the sex industry, you may be tempted to take drugs, smoke or drink alcohol before, during or even after seeing clients. This is a very big mistake, DONT DO IT!!!!


Whether you are hosting a client for an incall, or you are going out to see them for an outcall, it's always best to refrain from any type of smoking, drugs or alcohol. Taking drugs or drinking alcohol may leave you in a vulnerable state, therefore you may find yourself in a dangerous situation.

When you take drugs or drink alcohol you put yourself in a vulnerable situation. If clients know that you are not yourself or in your right mind, they are more likely to take advantage of you.

Always Be in Control

You need to be in control of your environment and situation the best you can and at all times, so don't ever put yourself in a vulnerable situation, you will end up regretting it, plus you may put yourself in a dangerous situation that you can't get out of.

If a client offers you any type of drug or alcohol, always turn them down, that way you will be in control. Remember, you need to take care of your mental and physical health at all times so that you don't burn out.

Client's Nails

Make Sure Client's Nails Are Short

As a new escort, you may not have experienced a situation where a client has long, sharp or even dirty nails. In many cases clients can turn up with nails that are less than safe or desirable, so make sure you ask them to clip their nails before they arrive if possible.

Once a client turns up to see you, ask them if they can show you their nails. Don't make a big deal of it or make them feel bad if their nails are long, dirty or sharp, simply ask them if they could quickly cut and clean them before you spend time together. You can even allow an extra 10 minutes for each client who arrives to quickly give them a cut before service begins.

Supply Nail Clippers

No client is going to carry around nail clippers or a nail brush with them, that will never, ever happen! So, make sure you have those items with you so that clients can use them if need be. Make sure you wipe them down and disinfect them after each time a client uses them, you don't want to spread any nasties between clients and yourself. Hygiene is extremely important, so plan ahead and think of any personal hygiene situation that may occur throughout your workday as an escort. It's far easier to bring those hygiene items with you, that way you will always be prepared.

New escorts working in the sex industry quite often have to learn these lessons the hard way. Make sure you do as much research as you can before you start working as an escort, you will thank yourself for it!


  • Avoid wearing jewellery - When you work as an escort in the sex industry, it's absolutely paramount that you don't wear any jewellery! You may not think anything of it, especially if you are a new escort, however wearing jewellery can be very dangerous. Make sure you remove all your jewellery before you start work each day, just do it!
  • Earrings - Earrings can easily be pulled, usually by accident, however, all you have to do is remove them before seeing clients and you will avoid your earlobes being ripped apart, along with any infections.
  • Necklaces - Don't ever leave your necklace on, regardless of the length. Necklaces can catch on things easily, thus resulting in choking! Also, clients can pull on them accidentally or even on purpose, making it impossible for you to get away in a hurry if need be.
  • Bracelets - bracelets are also dangerous, they can catch on clothes, sheets etc. Although you may think that a bracelet is no big deal, it can tie you up longer than you may like to be. If you are in a hurry to flea, you may not be able to if your bracelet catches on something.
  • Don't accept food or drinks from clients - Never accept food or drinks from clients, especially when they have been opened before arrival. You never know if the food or drinks have been tampered with or laced. You may be able to accept food or beverages if they are hygienically sealed and you open them yourself.
  • Order in food or drinks - Occasionally, clients will suggest ordering in food and drinks when they stay for longer than an hour. In this instance you may be able to consume these products, however, you will need to keep your eyes on the food and drinks at all times. Clients may lace certain items when you go to the bathroom or turn your head away for certain periods of time.
  • Don't do drugs or alcohol - Don't ever do drugs or drink alcohol before, during or after seeing clients. You need to stay in control at all times and have your wits about you! Just don't do it, not ever!
  • Vulnerability - When you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you are extremely vulnerable. When you offer outcalls you are extremely vulnerable, so don't ever take drugs or drink alcohol, you may find yourself in an extremely dangerous situation you can't get out of.
  • Always be in control - When you are always in control, you will tend to make really good positive choices. Make sure that you put yourself first by looking after your mental and physical health, so never, ever put yourself in a position where you won't be in control.
  • Make sure clients nails are clean & trimmed - If possible, before clients arrive, you could kindly ask them to make sure their nails are trimmed and clean before they arrive. In certain cases, you may find clients didn't have the opportunity to cut them prior to your time together, therefore it's always best to supply nail clippers and a nail cleaning brush for them. To make sure nail infections are not spread from client to client, you can disinfect the clippers with disinfectant before and after each usage.
  • Do your research - Before you start working as an escort, it's always best to arm yourself with helpful information. Learn from both positive and negative experiences, record them by writing them down in your diary and re-implement new strategies and safety measure if need be.

Protect Your Identity as an Escort

Identity Security For Escorts

Concealing your real identity is extremely important, in fact, it's absolutely essential! You never, ever want any clients to know your real name, address or real mobile number.

Never Use Your Own Name

When working as a new escort, you may not be aware of how essential it is to work under an alias name and have a different work number for clients only.

Always work under an alias name and never give out your real name, clients may try and find out more information about you via social media sites.

When new escorts start out in the sex industry, they can quite often be a little naive and vulnerable to well-seasoned clients who have been around for a while. They will know exactly what to say and do to get you to reveal your true identity.

Never Trust Anyone

Even the nicest of clients may seem harmless, however, sometimes those clients are the ones you have to be careful of the most. Some clients spend years perfecting their nice guy routine, so if you are a new escort, make sure you stick to your rules and guidelines and never give out any personal information.

Never, ever, trust them, you simply don't know what they are capable of!

Always Protect Your Identity

At times, you may feel that you can reveal your true identity to regular clients that you have been seeing for a while, however that would be a huge mistake and possibly end up in a detrimental situation.

Make sure that you always hide your handbag and purse in a secure location. Never bring out your purse as clients may look through your personal information when you are not watching.

Make sure you hide your handbag and purse in various hiding locations throughout the day, just in case they re-book with you that day because they saw where you hid it. Also, clients may see it and then tell a friend to make a booking with you so that they can steal it.

Have a Separate Work Number

Having a separate number for work is absolutely essential! Make sure you keep your work life and private life completely separate at all times. When you advertise your sex services as an escort, make sure you always use your work number for everything.

At times you may feel as though it's a hassle to have an additional number, however, having a separate number for work purpose only may very well keep you safe and stalker free. The additional cost of having a separate number is extremely minimal, and you will be able to cover that extra cost once you start working as an escort.

Never See Clients Outside of Work

Although it may be tempting to see particular clients outside of work, it's never a good idea to do so! Clients may ask you out on a date or even offer to take you away on a holiday. Most of them are looking for free sex services and think they can lure you with free dinners etc instead of actually paying you, don't fall for that trap, especially when you are a new escort.

Pre-Organised Companionship or Girlfriend Experiences

If you ordinarily offer companionship or girlfriend experiences as part of your normal sex services and away from your usual place of work, then you are perfectly fine to do so for special clients who you have pre-organised and paid for your time.

Some clients may even tell you that they would like to take you away from escort work so that you never have to that type of work again. Don't fall for it, they are only after FREE sex services!

Have an Escape Plan in Place

If you are happy to go out on dates with certain clients that you feel comfortable with, then make sure they pay you first and then make sure you have an escape plan in place if need be. Always make sure that someone you can trust knows where you are at all times.

Message your support person regularly, letting them know how everything is going, where you are etc. Have an agreed prior EMERGENCY word ready just in case you need out immediately! Think of everything you can prior to your date with any potential client, and make sure they know you have a security person who knows where you are and who you are with.

Meet Them There

When you except a companionship date away from your usual place of work, make sure you drive yourself to the date in your own car and then you drive yourself back home again. Even if they insist to pick you up, never, ever let them, they are just trying to find out personal information about you.

Don't Tell Them Where You Parked

Don't let them see where you have parked your car upon arrival, then when you leave from your date together, never let them walk you back to your car. They are looking for a number plate number, as well as the make and model of your car. With that information, they could easily get a search done to find out all of your personal information.

Make Sure You're Not Followed

Make sure when you head back to your car, that you aren't being followed. Perhaps take some different streets just to see if they are following. If in doubt, call a taxi and leave your car where it is until your support person can go and pick it up for you.

Stay at Reputable Hotels

If clients ask you to have dinner with them followed by a rendezvous at a hotel close by, make sure you choose the hotel, that way you can check out the hotel security beforehand. Look for hotels with 24-hour reception staff, cameras, keypads and security staff.

Let The Client Book in Their Name

Let the client book the hotel in his name, that way he will have to produce I.D when he checks in. That way, if there is any problem, they will have his personal details recorded, making it so much easier to find him if need be.

When the client books in their name, that means you don't have to divulge your personal name and you can continue to keep your anonymity. 

When you leave the hotel, make sure a staff member at the reception desk notices you, just so that you have proof that you left at a certain time if any problem arises. In fact, it's always best if you are in view of security cameras as much as possible, just so that you have your presence known to security if need be.

Leave Alone If Possible

If possible, try and leave before your client leaves, it's best he doesn't see where you are going, who you might be meeting afterwards. Keep your wits about you at all times, remember these clients are not your friends, make sure you stay professional at all times. When in doubt, sit and wait for security or authorities if you feel in danger or your life is being threatened, never go home alone.


  • Never use your own name - Never, ever use your real name, make sure you work under an alias, especially when you advertise your sex services. New escorts may not be aware of using an alias when you first start out, so if you are just starting out as an escort in the sex industry, make sure you always use an alias name, not your own.
  • Never trust anyone - Sometimes you may feel as though you can trust certain clients because you see them on a regular basis, however, you should never trust anyone because once you divulge your personal details, you may very well have a stalker following you. Even the nicest of clients may seem trustworthy, having said that, you never really know their real story, where they live, who they are exactly, so just be super cautious and keep your personal details to yourself.
  • Always protect your identity - Make sure you are always extremely diligent and hide your handbag and purse extremely well. Never leave your handbag out for clients to snoop in. Make sure you hide your personal belongings and details in a secure hiding place. When possible move your bag around throughout the day, just in case that particular client comes and visIts you again that day, or even sends a friend to make a booking with you.
  • Make sure you are not followed - When you work as an escort, you always have to have your wits about you. Make sure you are always watching to make sure that you are not being followed. When in doubt, change your route, stop off somewhere else other than where your car is parked for a while, to make sure nobody is following you. Don't trust anyone!
  • Have a separate work number - When working as an escort, you should always have a separate mobile number to your usual personal number. Never use your personal number when working in the sex industry, it's very dangerous to expose any facet of your personal life. For a little extra cost each month, make sure you use a separate number when advertising and taking messages from clients.
  • Never see clients outside of work - Never see clients outside of your usual work life unless you provide extra escort services that entail companionship services or outcall services. If you so provide these extra sex services as an escort, then that is fine, just as long as you have rules, regulations and safety strategies in place, just in case you find yourself in a less desirable situation. Seeing clients outside of your normal routine, especially as a new escort, may throw off your normal routine and you may find that you don't have prior guidelines in place, therefore leaving you in a potentially dangerous position.
  • Pre-organised escort services - If a client asks to meet you outside of work, most of the time they are looking for FREE sex unless they have previously stated that they are prepared to pay you as an escort providing sex services. When a client casually asks you to go and see a movie or have some dinner out together, make sure you are very clear with them and let them know that you can only provide those type of sex services if they are paying. In many cases, clients can be looking for a free girlfriend with all of the sexual benefits that may go along with it.
  • Have an escape plan in place - For the sake of your life and safety, make sure you always have an escape place in place. Never, ever meet with a client until you have an adequate escape plan just in case something goes wrong. Have a backup security person available if need be, a trusted friend or family member who can come and get you or let certain authorities know you are in trouble.
  • Meet them there - Never accept a ride from a client, always make sure you organise your very own transport when meeting with a client outside of your usual work routine. Accepting a ride in a client's car is extremely dangerous and is not advised in any way, just don't do it!
  • Don't tell them where you parked - It's simple, never show a client where you have parked, nor should you tell them where you have parked. Make sure you park your car, then meet them at a commonplace such as a hotel. Once your visit is over after providing sex services as an escort, make sure you walk back to the car on their own, don't let them walk you back to your car. Don't let them call a taxi for you, as they may be able to check where you were dropped off. Make sure you call the taxi from your phone, leaving your alias and never get dropped off exactly at your home, ask the driver to stop one street before your home.
  • Stay at reputable hotels - When a client requests your escort services, make sure that you clearly state that you will only agree to see them if they book into a reputable hotel that has good security measure in place. Booking into a hotel that provides 24-hour reception staff, security cameras and security keypads is a great idea. When you stay at reputable hotels, the client will know that he will have a certain level of behaviour that will need to be upheld.
  • Let the client book in their name - Make sure that the client books in their name, that way you won't expose your real identity. Ask the client to go ahead and book, that way you won't have to give your I.D. upon arrival. Don't let the client trick you into booking the hotel room in your name, once you so, you have instantly exposed your true identity, thus leaving you in a potentially dangerous position. Don't let them trick you, not ever! If they refuse to book in their name, then politely decline your appointment together as you are only putting yourself in a position where you will expose your real name.
  • Leave alone if possible - If possible, try and leave the hotel or the meeting place alone. It's best if you can book into a hotel with 24-hour reception staff, that way when you leave the staff may see you. Letting someone know you have left by a simple wave or goodbye is a great way to have your face recorded as having left the hotel. When you leave alone, the client is less likely to follow you back to your car or taxi.

Learning and knowing How to Stay Safe as an Escort

Learning and knowing How to Stay Safe as an Escort

Learning and knowing how to stay safe as either a new or existing escort in the sex industry can be a challenge at times, however, it need not be so daunting if you do plenty of research before and during your time as an active escort.

Learning how to stay safe as a new or existing escort is a consistent and ongoing commitment to your personal safety. It's not as though you will do a little research or even take some initial advice from a current active escort, and then instantly know everything.

Learning how to stay safe and implementing rules, guideline and workable strategies takes some time to develop. That doesn't mean you can't put some initial rules and guidelines in place that will help to get you started. Basically, some rules are better than no rules, and as you go along your working life as an escort, you will naturally know what works for you and what doesn't work for you.

From there, you will learn to refine, re-evaluate and implement rules, guidelines and strategies that will inevitably work for you. Just remember, your rules and views on your services will most probably be forever changing, so make sure you are prepared to change as need be!

Hopefully, some of the information above will be helpful to you to stay safe as a new or even existing escort, if you think you can add some value to this post, then please feel free to add your very own comments below.

Comments that have value or merit are always welcomed here in this space, so if you have some helpful or valuable information for new or even existing escorts, then please add some value below.



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