How to Present Yourself in Escort Ads

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As a new escort or courtesan, you may not be aware of how important it is to present yourself in your escort ads so that you can make optimal money.

You Need to Put A Lot of Effort into Your Escort Ads

Quite often new escorts and sex workers think that it's good enough just to slap up a few selfies and a few words on an ad and hope that they will make plenty of money from their very frugal effort.

When many escorts in Australia start off in cities such as Brisbane and Perth, they automatically think that they are going to become rich overnight, however, the reality is very different, becoming a successful escort or courtesan requires a lot of effort on a consistent basis.

Basically, you need to put a lot of effort into your escort ads on a consistent basis, or you will simply lose out to the other professional escorts and courtesans who are making the effort.

There is a LOT of competition out there in the sex industry, so you need to present well in your escorts ads, or you simply won't make any money, it's SIMPLE!

Create Captivating Escort Ads

Creating escort ads that will captivate potentially new and even returning clients requires you to think logically and creatively about what clients would like to see when they come to your ad. Before a new client will even consider making a booking with you for your escort services, you need to look at how your ad actually presents.

Your escorts ad needs to look visually tantalizing as well as informative, so make sure that you cover all of your bases by including a full comprehensive range of images and information about your escort sex services. For new or even existing escorts and courtesans who are looking for some guidance on how to get started with their escort ads, please feel free to use the FREE escort template provided here by

Think Like a Man, What Would They Like to See?

If your photos are blurry and uninteresting to begin with, then it's hardly exciting for potential new and even existing clients to want to come and see you. You have to put yourself in the client's shoes, what would you be looking for when you first discover a new escort, of course, you would be looking at the photos!

Most people, especially men, are visual, so why wouldn't you make your escort ads as appealing as possible! A few blurry, unappealing basic selfies are not going to bring you in the big $$$$, instead, you need to look at the big picture and think about what clients would really like to see instead.

Know Who You Are Advertising to?

Remember to always ask yourself, who is my target market? In most cases, it will be men, regardless of what gender your clients are, you always need to think about what would my clients like to see! If you are not in touch with your target market, then you are really wasting your time because your escort ad is how you will make money, so always begin with that thought, who am I advertising to?

Each and Every client Is Different

Think about what men like to see, they like to see well-groomed, sexy and interesting escorts who will hopefully meet all of their needs sexually, physically and mentally. Not all clients are looking for just pure sex, many clients are seeking a connection with a lovely escort who could possibly provide them with companionship as well.

If you are looking to work as an escort or courtesan in a city such as Adelaide or the Gold Coast, then you really need to consider that your escort ads should showcase all of your attributes, not just your physical ones, but also your personality as well.

Having said that, you are not going to capture any clients if your escort ad looks unappealing and uninteresting, so remember, you have to put effort into your escort ads if you are going to make it in the sex industry!

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Professional Photos

To begin with, make sure you have professional escort photos for your potential new clients to see. Professional photos are extremely important to showcase all of your physical assets, however, if you can't afford professional photos when you first start off as an escort in Australia, don't worry, you can use selfies instead until you can afford them.

You may think that professional photos are no big deal, but they absolutely are! Professional escort photos can capture all of your physical beauty and entice clients to want to make a booking with you. Professional escorts who take their trade very seriously, all have professional escort photos, so remember, you are going up against plenty of professional escorts who truly have their act together and will steal business away from you.

Prepare For Your Escort Photos

When you have professional escort photos done, you need to make sure that you prepare properly prior to having them taken. Professional escort photos quite often don't come cheap, so you want to make sure that you plan your outfits and poses prior to having them taken.

If you think that you can just turn up with a few pieces of sexy lingerie and wing a few sexy poses, then you may be bitterly disappointed as to how your photos will actually turn out. Being a professional escort requires plenty of behind-the-scenes background work that clients don't actually get to see, so make sure that you are prepared before having your professional escort photos taken.

Do Your Research Beforehand

Before you endeavour to have your professional escort photos taken, make sure that you do plenty of research beforehand. Spend hours looking through other professional escorts and courtesan's professional photos to see what you think may actually work in your favour and showcase your best assets.

You can never totally rely on a professional escort photographer to know what's best for you! As professional as the photographer may be at suggesting poses or even making you feel at ease, they don't actually know your body or personality as you do, so make sure you have examples to show the photographer so that you will both have an initial direction to start from.

Make the Photos Your Own

Remember, you are not other escorts, you are you, so remember to make the photos your very own by putting your best foot forward. Let your physical assets shine through by using additional items such as lingerie, props and poses that will showcase the best of you!

When you do your photo research of other escorts, you are simply gathering ideas that resonate with you!

Always Be Yourself

If you see photos of other escorts and courtesans in cities such as Sydney or Melbourne that are completely different to you, then move on and find escorts that remind you of YOU!

Have a look at the way they pose, ask yourself, what type of lingerie are they wearing? Is the lingerie good quality? What colour lingerie suits you best and would look best in your photos? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you even go ahead and pay a professional escort photographer big dollars!

Showcase Your Personality

Don't forget your personality as well, not all clients are looking for a wax figure, in fact, most clients in cities such as the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast are willing to pay you big $$$ are looking for a complete package, so make sure that you allow your personality to shine through as well.

Let's say you have a loving, friendly personality, allow that side of you to come through in your photos. Perhaps you are wild, sexy and seductive naturally, then why not showcase those personality traits in your images, be original and even spontaneous!

If you have an ultra-feminine, gentle and soft personality who loves to shower her clients with femininity and seductiveness, then make sure you allow that side of your personality to come through.

Clients Are Looking for a Complete Package

Don't think for a single second that all clients are looking for an escort who is just sexy, more often than not, high-value clients who are spending big dollars to spend time with you, are looking for a complete package.

If all clients were just looking for cheap sex, then they can easily find a sexy escort in any city of Australia who can give them exactly that! Remember, high valued clients who are willing and able to pay you well for your professional escort services are looking to spend their time and money with an escort who literally has it all!

Most high paying clients are wanting to spend some quality time with a well-groomed, friendly and highly motivated escort who ticks all the boxes. Basically, clients will differ from person to person, however, most clients are looking for an escort who is worth paying big dollars for.

So, if you are looking to earn lots of money from high paying clients, remember, you have to be a high-value escort, courtesan or sex worker, so that means that you have to provide high-quality advertising for your escort services.

You Get Back What You Put In!

High-value clients are never going to pay you big $$$$ in Australia if you are not portraying or providing high-value advertising and service when they come and see you, it just doesn't work that way! Like everything in life, you will receive back what you put into something! Being a professional escort is no different, so if you think that paying for professional escort photos is a complete waste of time, then you will most probably be sorely disappointed!

Selfies Are Important Too!

Selfies also have an equally valuable place in your escort advertising, so don't think that selfies are not important, they are, however, professional escort photos really can help you pull in the big dollars!

Selfies help to validate that you are real and that you really do look like the stunning escort that is in your professional photos. By including selfie photos, also helps to prove that the professional photos you are using are not stolen, selfies help to support your true escort identity.

Take Daily Selfies

Make sure that you include new selfies daily when advertising your escort services. Selfies help to keep your escort advertising fresh and exciting. It's literally impossible to have professional escort photos taken daily or even weekly, so you will need to heavily rely on selfies to help promote your escort services.

Taking daily selfies will help to increase your income, they give new clients and existing clients the opportunity to see what you might look like on any given day, plus any new lingerie and sexy costumes you have acquired lately.

If you want to attract past clients to return to you, then you need to give them a good reason to return other than your sex services. Many clients like to shop around, so you need to entice them to come back to you again.

Entice Previous Clients Back

A quick way to make this happen is to invest in new sexy lingerie and sexy costumes, you may be very surprised to see how quick they may respond to you, especially if you send past clients a sneaky selfie of yourself in a sexy costume. Let them know that you will be meeting them at the door wearing your new sex costume, so they should get in fast and book a time with you that day, or they may miss out!

Make sure that you always check with previous clients before sending them selfies if that's ok with them, they may not want you to contact them first due to various reasons.

Take Quality Selfies

When you take your selfies, make sure they are of quality, don't take selfies that are blurry, unappealing and have bad lighting. If your selfies are unappealing and are of poor quality, then you may as well not take them.

Make sure you put some thought into your selfies beforehand, always be aware of the light situation. Take selfies in natural light when possible, open up the curtains and let the natural light flood through. Selfies that are dark and blurry look terrible and, in some cases, can actually put potential clients off coming to see you.


Play Up Your Best Physical Assets

Professional escorts in Australia who have been working in the sex industry for a while know that playing up their best physical assets is one of the best ways to gain as many new clients as they can.

Very few escorts have perfect bodies from head to toe, that's why they have learned over a period of time that showcasing their best physical assets is the quickest and easiest way to attract clients who are most interested in what their physical assets have to offer.

Clever professional escorts who work in Australia, know that focusing on their best physical assets is the easiest way to sway potential new clients as well as existing clients to book with you.

Always showcase your best physical assets, you will feel more confident in your selfies, so always put your best foot forward and focus on body features that will gain you the most dollars.

Zoom into Your Best Body Features

Each and every professional escort has body features that stand out more than other physical features, so when you take selfies, try and zoom into those particular assets. Let's say you have a beautiful bouncing bootie, then why not showcase your bootie so that potential clients can see exactly what you have to offer.

Zoom into Certain Body Parts

When taking your selfies for your escort ads, make sure that you zoom into certain body parts so that potential new clients can see all of your assets. Having said that, full-length body shots are equally important as well, so make sure you include some full-length body shots from various angles as well.

Voluptuous Figure

Perhaps you have a voluptuous hourglass figure and you look amazing in figure-hugging lingerie and tight-fitting sexy clothing, so why not showcase your hourglass figure in your close-up selfies.

Move and pose your hourglass figure in a way that clients won't be able to resist you. If your hourglass figure is your best feature, then it's really up to you to play it up the very best you can so that clients won't be able to resist but to book with you.

Large Breasts

There are many professional escorts in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne who have large breasts and love to show them off in selfies and professional photos.

These clever escorts and courtesans know that big breasts are very popular and in high demand when it comes to many clients. Many clients in Australia love to spend time with professional escorts who have D cup size breasts as they have a breast fetish.

Breast Fetishes

Many clients in cities such as Brisbane and Perth have breast fetishes and are willing to pay big dollars to escorts who have large natural bouncy boobs with large nipples, so if you have beautiful bouncing boobs and perky nipples, why not show them off as much as you can so that clients who love to worship and play with large breasts will book with you.

Breast fetishes are in high demand in Australia, so make sure that you zoom into your large breasts when you take selfies, wear sexy lingerie to entice potential clients even further. Change your breast poses daily so that clients have something new to see, don't be boring, remember your escort ad is how you are going to make money, so put as much effort into your ad as possible!

Check Your State & Country Laws

Remember to check with the laws in your state and country before adding any type of photo to your escort ad, you may not be able to reveal certain body parts, or you may be able to reveal everything, just be aware!


Show Your Face and Hair

Escorts in Australia who show their face and hair in their escorts ads usually find that they get more bookings in general. It's very simple really, the sex industry is a visual industry, so potential new clients will like to see who they are going to be spending time with.

Initially, your clients are going to book you depending on how you look and what you have to say in your escort ad. After they have seen you once, they know what you look like, so it's not such a big deal after that, however, if you are not working as a full-time escort and not prepared to show your hair and face, then you may not get as many bookings.

Make More Money with Face Shots

At the end of the day, if you are going to work as a professional escort in big cities such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, you will most probably have to accept that you up against other professional escorts and sex workers who are more than happy and prepared to show their face.

With so much competition out there now in countries such as Australia, professional escorts will most probably have to accept that they will not make the money they were hoping for and will be left behind if they don't show their face.

Many professional escorts who take working in the sex industry seriously and as a full-time job have probably already worked out that they get more work when they happily show their full face, so keep that in mind when you start off as an escort in a country such as Australia.

Include as Many Face Photos as Possible

When you have your professional photos taken, make sure you include plenty of face photos that clearly highlight your face, hair, smile, eyes, lips etc. Your face can say a thousand words without saying anything at all, so make it a priority to demonstrate your personality through your face shots.

Include Photos of You Smiling

If you are a down to earth and friendly type of escort, then make sure you smile in as many of your selfies and professional photos as possible. Tell your photographer that you would like to include photos of you smiling so that your potential clients can see that you have a friendly, bubbly nature.

Include some selfies in your escort ads of you smiling, you may be surprised to know that many clients like it when escorts smile in their photos. Smiling also gives off the impression that you feel happy in general, not negative and sour-faced. That doesn't mean that you have to smile in every single photo, you can also have some selfies where you are looking sexy and demure as well.

Clients Notice Your Teeth When You Smile

When you smile in your photo's, clients will also be able to see your teeth, some clients may pay extra special attention to your overall teeth hygiene and aesthetics. You may not think that clients look at those type of things, however, many clients do, so make sure that you take good care of your teeth by having them cleaned and maintained regularly.

In general, just be yourself, but just remember to include some playful happy photos as well! At the end of the day, you really want to appeal to as many clients as you can, so why not increase potential new clients contacting you by simply including a few happy, smiling photos in your daily selfies and professional photos.

Show Off Your Hair

Your hair is also extremely important, some clients may be looking for an escort or courtesan in Australia that has a certain hair colour, not all clients like the same type of hair colour.

Some clients may be looking for an escort in a city such as Adelaide who has long black hair with brown eyes, so if you have beautiful shiny long black hair, make sure you show it off in your professional and selfie photos.

Show Your Eye Colour

You may not think that your eye colour is important at all, however many clients look for certain eye colour in an escort that they would like to spend some sexy time with. If you have beautiful green eyes and flaming red hair, then you may find yourself in a unique category of escorts, one that certain potential clients may be looking for!

Other clients in Australia, maybe looking for an escort or sex worker who has long blonde hair, blue eyes and a big smile, so never think that what you have to offer is not what clients are looking for.

Makeup in Face Shots

Your makeup is very important when taking professional and selfies for your escort ads. Your makeup always looks better when it's fresh and well applied. If you don't like to wear much makeup, then you may want to show that in your photo's, that way potential new clients can clearly see that you don't wear a lot of makeup and base their decision based on your real images.

Clients Who Don't Like A Lot of Makeup

Some clients don't like a lot of makeup, so if you are not big on wearing much makeup when you work as an escort, then make sure that you show that in your photos. Clients who like escorts and sex workers who don't wear much makeup, will inevitably gravitate toward you and book with you first.

If you are a natural beauty who is more athletic or naturalistic, then just be yourself and showcase your natural beauty in your escort ads, there are plenty of clients who are looking for an escort who looks just like you!

Clients Who Love Make-Up

Clients who love makeup are naturally going to gravitate towards escorts working in cities around Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. If you love makeup, then why not show that off in your escort ads, you never know what new clients are looking for, so just be yourself and wear makeup just how you like it!

Some escorts naturally look better in makeup and yet other escorts look better more natural, it really comes down to you and your personality. Make-up can really showcase your personality and personal grooming, so if wearing make-up is your thing, then go right ahead and wear it exactly how you like it!

Just Be Yourself

Remember, how you dress, wear your hair and makeup is a personal choice and one that should complement your personality, so don't be afraid to be the real you and wear makeup just the way you like it.

Make-up can help your overall appearance look polished and completed, so always remember to be yourself and wear make-up how it suits you best. Even if you're not a big make-up lover, a little bit of make-up can give your overall appearance that professional glow.

Clients Book Based Upon Your Photos

Remember, when clients come to see you initially based on your professional photos and selfies, they will expect you to look the same, so if you wear a lot of makeup in your professional and selfie photos, make sure you wear your makeup much the same when they actually come to see you, otherwise they may not be impressed and walk away at the door.

Clients May Walk Away

Your professional and selfie photos that showcase your hair, makeup and overall appearance should reflect the same as you do in person. Be careful, clients may actually walk away at the door if you don't present the same in real life. 

Not only will clients walk away at the door if you look different, but they will also notify other potential clients on escort forums that are made for sharing information on escorts. Yes, they do exist, and clients use them all the time, plus they don't hold back on information. So, be careful that you look much the same in person, otherwise you may find that you will waste your time and end up not making very much money!

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Personal Grooming

Personal grooming is extremely important to your personal success as a professional escort! Remember that your personal grooming should always be first class, especially when you are charging large amounts of money to the clients.

Your professional and selfie photos should always look immaculate, don't forget your images are how you make money! If you want to make as much money as you can whilst you work as a professional escort, you should always invest time into your hair, makeup, lingerie etc.

Don't Look Shabby in Your Photos

If you look shabby in your professional photos and selfies, then you will most probably receive very few enquiries, therefore resulting in poor sales. So, if you are going to invest your time into being a professional escort in a country such as Australia, then why not put as much effort into your escort ad as you possibly can.

Clients can tell when you have poor personal grooming, so if you want to make money each and every time you work, make sure that you allow extra time to invest into your grooming before, during and after you work as an escort.

How To Keep Your Hair Well Groomed

Knowing how to keep your hair well-groomed when working on a daily basis is absolutely essential to making maximum profit each day. Most professional escorts in bigger cities of Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, invest time, money and ongoing maintenance into their hair so that they will receive the optimal number of enquiries possible.

High Paying Clients Expect Well Groomed Hair

High paying clients expect professional escorts to have beautiful well-groomed hair. You may not think that is not what they think, however you only need to take a look at professional escorts and courtesans who work in Australia and see how well goofed and beautiful their hair looks in their professional and selfie images.

Professional Escorts Don't Let Their Standards Drop

If professional escorts let their standards drop and just throw their hair up in a messy bun or tie their hair back into a greasy ponytail, then they wouldn't receive any work at all and they certainly won't be able to fetch the prices they are asking for. You need to put effort into your hair each and every time you work as an escort, otherwise, it won't take long before you will have some not so desirable comments left about you on the escort forums that clients follow and comment on.

Wash Your Hair Daily

For most women, washing their hair daily seems like a lot of effort, however, when you work as an escort on a daily basis in a country such as Australia, you will find that your hair will need washing to freshen it up so that it will style nicely.

When you work as an escort, you will most probably find that by the end of the day your hair has really been through the wringer and it won't look, smell or sit as well as it did when you styled it at the beginning of your workday.

So, if you are looking to make big money when working as an escort in a city such as Perth and Adelaide, you will need to wash your hair before the beginning of each shift so that clients will be happy to pay the money you are asking for. No client wants to pay an escort premium dollars if your hair smells and looks shabby. Why would they, there are so many other professional escorts out there who have got their act together and are prepared to put the effort into their personal grooming.

Style Your Hair Before You Start Work

Styling your hair each and every single time you work as an escort is highly advisable, especially when clients have made a booking with you based on how you look in your professional and selfie photos.

Make sure that you allow plenty of time to wash your hair and style your hair each and every time you work as an escort, sex worker or courtesan. It's very easy to feel tired and lazy when it comes to your personal hygiene and appearance, however, investing some extra time into your hair each and every time you expect to see clients is absolutely essential to the longevity of your reputation as an escort.

Styling Your Hair Makes You Feel Better

Not only do clients expect to see your hair looking in tip-top condition, but it will also make you feel better when you take the time to wash and style your hair before each and every time you work as a professional escort.

When you look better, you quite often feel better and when you feel better, you will most probably work better! So, take the time to wash and style your hair before you see clients, it will pay off in the end, plus it's important to take good care of yourself so that you can avoid burnout.

Styling Your Hair Helps the Longevity of Your Career

Styling your hair each and every time you work is extremely important to the longevity of your career as an escort, if you want to continue to attract high end paying clients that are potentially new and your returning clients, then you need to make the effort to style your hair. Once you let your standards drop, you will find that your returning clients will drop off and you will need to work hard at finding new clients all the time.

To Save On Time

To save on time, you could wash your hair first and then let it dry off a little bit whilst you apply your make-up. Not only do you save on time by allowing your hair to dry off naturally, but you also save your hair from drying out from the blow dryer.

Allow your hair to dry off naturally until it's about 80-90% dry, then you can use your hairdryer to remove the remainder of the moisture from your hair. If your hair is ultra-curly or frizzy, then you may only be able to let it dry off to about 50% dry, otherwise, your hair may become frizzy and out of control.

Letting your hair dry off naturally until the bulk of the moisture has been removed, will save you time each and every time you get ready for work, plus it helps to keep your hair in a healthier condition.


Maintaining Your Hair

As many Australian escorts already know, keeping your hair in tip-top condition on a regular basis is extremely important to how your hair will look in your professional and daily selfie photos. To maintain your hairstyle and hair colour, there are plenty of things you can do so that you always look your best in your photos and when clients come to see you.

Have Regular Haircuts

By having regular haircuts, you will be able to keep your hair healthy and maintain the condition of your hair. Depending on the length of your hair, having your haircut every 4-8 weeks will keep your current hairstyle looking its best, so try and make an appointment with your hairdresser in advance so that you don't forget.

Have Your Hair Re-Growth Colour Done

By having your hair re-growth hair done regularly, your hair will always look professional and well-groomed. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you will probably need to do your re-growth every 4 weeks so that the roots will blend in with the mid-lengths and ends. Investing some money into your hair on a regular basis will pay off as high paying clients who are willing to pay you big dollars will be expecting you to look your best at all times.

Hair Colour Overhaul

Escorts who work in cities of Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne, already know that every few months they need to go and have a hair colour overhaul. Keeping your hair colour updated and fresh is part and parcel of being a high paid escort or courtesan.

Taking care of yourself is extremely important to your overall general health and mental wellbeing, so updating your hair colour every so many months will help give the physical and mental boost that you may need.

When you take your selfies each time you work, clients will be able to see if your hair colour and condition is in good shape, so make sure that you invest in self-improvement each month so that your selfies look just as good as your professional photos.

Invest Time and Money

Just like everything, you need to invest time and money into your hair colour, so that money returns back to you, plus more! Escorts who don't invest back into their health and personal grooming, quite often find that their enquiries from potential new clients and regular clients start to drop off and then eventually you will stop making money.

Make sure that you always invest in your personal grooming and hygiene as an Escort, by putting money aside each month for your hair, make-up, lingerie etc. Don't skimp on your personal grooming needs as it will inevitably show through in your selfies and clients will notice it straight away. No high-paying client will want to spend time with an escort or sex worker who doesn't take care of themselves, so make sure you put your needs first!

Maintain Hair Extensions

Many escorts in Australia love to have hair extensions as it gives them length and volume instantly. With hair extensions being so popular these days, you can buy them at a reasonable price and either install them yourself or have them installed by a professional hairdresser. Either way, hair extensions require daily attention and monthly maintenance, otherwise, they can look shabby and cheap very quickly.

To keep your hair extensions looking fresh and professional, it's best to make sure that you brush them daily before shampooing to remove any hair knots. Hair extensions can look ratty very quickly, so if possible, it's best to wash them at least every second day, if not daily to keep them looking in tip-top shape. To maintain the health and longevity of hair extensions, using quality styling products to keep them looking their best is essential. Hair extensions require a little effort, so make sure that you always allow plenty of time into them each time you work so that they look just as good as the first time you had them installed.

Monthly Maintenance for Hair Extensions

Depending on how fast your hair grows, hair extensions usually need to be moved up every 4-6 weeks, so try and make an appointment with your hairdresser in advance so that you maintain it on a regular basis.

High-paying clients don't want to spend time with an escort or sex worker who has hair extensions that are all ratty and grown out, it's not a great look and it's not professional.

Professional escorts who work in big cities such as Brisbane or Perth know that investing time and money into hair extensions pays off and the money they invested will be returned to them.

Every few months your extensions may need replacing, however, if you take really good care of them, you may find you can get away with buying new ones every 6-12 months.

Keeping your hair trimmed regularly, updating and freshening your hair colour on a monthly basis, as well as keeping your hair extensions in good condition can be costly and timely, however, think about the amount of money that will be returned to you! You need to spend money, to make money!


Beautiful Nails

Just like your hair and make-up, your fingernails and toenails should be kept in immaculate condition as they will most probably show up in your escort ads. You may not think so, but high paying clients look at all of your personal grooming, so why not invest in making sure that your fingernails and toenails are in optimal condition and freshly painted.

High paying clients can see in your professional photos and selfies if you keep your nails in good condition and if they are painted or not. No client wants to pay an escort or courtesan a lot of money if they are in poor condition and look unappealing.

If you are not the type of escort who likes to have nail extensions done, then just make sure that you have regular manicures and pedicures done to keep them looking healthy and fresh. You can save on money by doing your nails yourself, just make sure you do them at least once a month so that they are always looking their best.

If you don't like bright nail polish colours such as red or bright pink, then try more natural colours such as French polish or light pink colours as they look extremely classy and professional.

Foot Fetishes

Many clients have foot fetishes and if you provide foot fetishes then you will know how important it is to keep your toenails looking first-class. Some clients will even ask you for a selfie of your feet so they know what your feet look like. Most clients who have foot fetishes love escorts who have their toenails freshly painted, so if you do provide foot fetishes as part of your escort services, then make sure your fingernails and toenails are always looking their very best.

Invest Time and Money into Your Nails, It Pays Off!

Once again, if you invest time and money into your health and appearance, clients will be able to see that you have invested in your personal hygiene and are more likely to pay you well for your escort services. So, make sure that your nails are always cared for so that when you send selfies to potential new clients, you are well prepared and ready to book them as a new client.

When it comes to advertising your escort services in a country such as Australia, you always need to be aware of how important it is to invest in your physical appearance and personal hygiene, if you ignore your appearance, then you will find that you won't receive any new bookings and your regular clients will literally drop off before your eyes!


Invest in Sexy Lingerie

Investing in sexy lingerie is extremely important when you work as a courtesan or escort in a country such as Australia. First and foremost, you need to be able to capture the attention of prospective new clients, as well as keep regular clients entertained and coming back for more!

Wearing Sexy Lingerie Is Extremely Important

Wearing sexy lingerie in your escort ads is extremely important to luring in new clients, so make sure you have a few sets that you can switch between, especially in your daily selfie photos. Advertising your escort ads is a visual business really, don't think for a single second that you can just take a few quick selfies and stick them on your ad hoping to make millions of dollars because it's never going to happen!

When You First Start Out

When you first start out as an escort in cities around Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, you may find that you don't have a lot of money to invest in good quality sexy lingerie. In this case, invest whatever you possibly can by buying cheaper lingerie that still looks expensive as nobody wants to see trashy lingerie!

Choose Striking Lingerie Colours

Hunt around for inexpensive lingerie so that you can at least get started with your professional or selfie photos. Look for striking colours that will show up well in your photos, paler colours don't usually show up very well and quite often look very washed out.

Look for lingerie colours that have a strong impact in photos such as black, red, hot pink etc. Clients want to see how you would look in sexy lingerie if they were to come and see you for your sex services.

Clients Get Sick of The Same Lingerie

After a while, returning clients get sick of seeing you in the same old lingerie that you had on in your past selfies, so make sure that you spend some of the money you make by re-investing it back into sexy new lingerie. 

Quite often when you buy new lingerie and pose differently in your selfies, you can trick existing clients by peeking their attention by tricking them into thinking you are a new escort in that particular location.

Peak existing Clients Attention

Existing clients can quite often get tired of seeing the same escorts time and time again, especially when they work in locations where very few escorts work from.

When an existing client has seen you a few times, they may be visually looking for something new and interesting, so why not present yourself in a different way by wearing new and exciting lingerie and posing in new and captivating ways.

Spice It Up!

Spice it up a bit more than usual, so that existing clients will re-book with you, especially when they can see you are wearing something new such as suspenders, fishnet stockings and high heels.

Be inventive with your sexy lingerie, add new touches all the time such as props, new stockings, sexy bodysuits etc. If you always offer the same old boring lingerie, then you will most probably find that your bookings will decline after the first three months.

Making Money Is Up to You!

Being a successful escort who makes plenty of money is not easy and requires plenty of consistent work on your behalf, gone are the days you can just slap a few blurry photos on an escort ad and hope to make it rich!

With so much competition out there among escorts and courtesans these days, you have to be prepared to represent yourself extremely well by making your escorts ads stand out from the rest.

You are your own boss, so you need to take charge of your escort advertising and be prepared to invest time and money into the way you look and the way you present your escort ads.

Selfies Are Very Important

Every single time you work, you need to have new selfie photo's that consist of new poses, new lingerie, new props and a whole new you! Selfies are extremely important and if you want to make money each time you work, then you need to motivate yourself into making your selfies the very best you can. When you are quiet, dress yourself up and take as many selfie photos as you can, practice as much as you can. If you think that you can be lazy and not put the effort in, you will find out very quickly that you can't afford to think that way, so if you want to make money each time you work, then do yourself a favour and get used to dressing up in sexy lingerie and take as many selfies as you can.


Sex Costumes Help Make Money

Sex costumes really do help make money, especially when you have fun with them and make them your own in your professional and selfie photos. Now, you may be thinking that sex costumes are really not your thing, however, you might be surprised to know how much clients love sex costumes.

That doesn't mean you have to wear sex costumes in every single professional or selfie photo, however, if you can incorporate them into your escort portfolio, then you may find that you will capture the attention of those clients who do love them.

Be Creative with Sex Costumes

When new escorts start off working in the sex industry, they quite often don't have the money for buying expensive sex costumes, so in this case, you need to be creative and put together sex costumes that still look good, but literally cost nothing to put together.

Have a look in your existing wardrobe and see what type of sex costume you could come up with, for example, you could easily create a cheerleader costume with a mini skirt, skimpy top etc.

Why not put together a sex kitten costume by using a black bikini or leotard, fishnet sticking, patent leather heels and add a sexy tail, whiskers and some kitten ears. You might be surprised how an inexpensive costume can look sexy in selfie photos.

Increase Your Bookings with Sex Costumes

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that you can increase your bookings by using sex costumes, many escorts in cities such as Perth and Adelaide have learned over periods of time, that clients quite often can visualize themselves with a sexy escort who dresses up in sexy costumes and will book with them purely on the thought that you will be wearing it when you greet them at the door.

In your daily selfie, ad a few images of you wearing a new sex costume, you may find that clients will ask you to wear that particular costume for them, or a sexy costume that they may have seen you advertise your escort services in previously.

Sex Costumes Show Your Playful Side

Sex costumes show your playful side, and many potential new and existing clients love to visit escorts who have a naughty playful side to them. Sex costumes need to be changed over continuously, otherwise, existing clients will get tired of them and will be looking to see something new.

Rotate Your Sex Costumes

Make sure you rotate your sex costumes regularly and you may also like to incorporate various props to enhance them. Let your imagination run wild and come up with the unique type of sex costumes, that way you are not paying out a lot of money for them on a regular basis.

To cut down on costs, try looking in charity shops for various props and individual clothing pieces that can be used as sex costumes, you might be surprised as to what you can actually find.

Be yourself and unique, you will attract more high paying clients if you are not like everyone else, clients are looking for all types of experiences and if you like sex costumes, then that's just another way you can attract them.

Sex Costume Fetishes

If you are a little adventurous and don't mind wearing sex costumes, then you can potentially increase your revenue by providing sex costumes services that are maybe coupled with roleplay.

Many high paying clients in cities of Australia such as the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast love to indulge in sexual fetishes such as role play and sex costumes, so if you are willing to try something new to increase your clients, why not offer sex costumes and role play.

Set Your Own Rules

You can set your own rules before the client arrives by placing your rules in your escort ad, or when they message you about sex costumes and role-play combined, simply let them know your rules in a private message and have them agree to them before you arrive.

As an escort, you should never do anything you feel uncomfortable with, so just politely let your clients know what you expect of them, and in most cases, you will find that clients are happy to stick to them.

List Your Sex Costumes in Your Ad to Increase Revenue

When you list your sex services in your escort ad, make sure that you let clients know what type of sex costumes you have in general and what sex costumes you will have on you in that particular week, you can also let clients know that if they have a particular sex costume they prefer, then to let you know in advance so that you can have it ready for them.

Sex Costume Ideas

If you are a new escort or even an existing escort and would like to provide sex costumes for new and potential clients but have no idea what you put together, then please read on to find some sexy costume ideas.

Some of the more mainstream types of sex costumes consist of sex kitten, Sexy Goddess, sexy women's Halloween costume and sexy angel costume. You may also like to consider other sex costumes such as superheroes such as wonder woman.

Clients also seem to love dream lady officer, villain sex costumes and sexy princess. If you like to step out of your comfort zone as an escort, then you may like to consider a women's sailor pin up costume, a nurse's uniform and an all-time favourite secretarial sex costume.

There are literally hundreds of sex costumes ideas, you just need to use your imagination. So, if you are looking to increase your revenue, then why not consider sex costumes and role-playing.

Include Your Sex Costumes in Your Escort Ads

Make sure you include your sex costumes in your professional and selfie photos and in your ad information. Keep your information up to date at all times as your escort ad is how you are going to draw in new and existing clients, thus resulting in making more money as an Escort!

Professional Escorts Know the Value of Their Escort Ads

Professional escorts who know the value of the escort ads, know that if you put very little effort in, then they usually don't make much money and quite often have to leave the sex industry as they can't survive on the small amount of money they are making. Remember, working as an escort or courtesan is like running your own small business, so if you aren't prepared to go the extra mile each and every time you work, you basically will retrieve very little return.


Dress in Ordinary Clothes

When you advertise your escort services, make sure you include some professional and selfie photos of you wearing ordinary clothes. It may come as a surprise to you to know that some clients may request for you to wear ordinary everyday clothes such as a pretty casual dress or even jeans and a top.

Why Do Some Clients Like You to Wear Ordinary Clothes?

The reason why some clients want you to dress in ordinary clothes is that they feel more comfortable when they first meet you at the door. Another reason is usually that they wish to spend talking with you first before you actually have intimate time together.

When clients book with you for one hour or more, they quite often want to spend some of that time connecting with you as a person first, so when possible, try and have some professional and selfie photos of you wearing normal everyday clothes.

Clothes for Companionship and Dinner Dates

Many escorts working throughout Australia in big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offer companionship and dinner date escort services. Some professional escorts also offer holiday companionship where you go away on holidays with clients. Usually, high paying clients who require a beautiful escort to accompany them on a business trip or leisure holiday are looking for a professional escort who can join them for several days or more.

High paying clients who are looking for escorts who offer holiday and business companionship are looking for high-class escorts who present well in classy clothing and can accompany them to several events.

Include Photos of Yourself Wearing Pretty Dresses

By including photos of yourself in pretty dresses as well as after-five dresses, may help sway a client to book with you as they will be looking for a classy escort to accompany them.

If you are an escort that specializes in high-class events, dinner dates and companionship, then you should consider showing photos of yourself in various everyday clothing so that you can increase your revenue stream.

Ordinary Clothes for Casual Dinners and Movies

Some escorts don't specialize in high-class escort work where they are required to dress up in fancy dresses, however, perhaps they are happy to go out on paid causal dates for dinner or even the movies.

For those escorts who provide casual dinner dates and going to the movies, perhaps you could consider wearing more casual ordinary clothes that are more in line with your personal lifestyle and personality.

If you like to wear casual clothes in general, then you can include some selfies with you wearing more laid back and casual clothes to demonstrate that you have that type of personality and lifestyle. Some clients may be looking for an escort who is down to earth, friendly and in general very casual. Clients who are looking for an escort who likes to dress casually may be a causal type of person themselves may feel intimidated by the whole "lingerie and escort thing"!

Some Clients Just Want to Talk and Hang Out

You may be quite surprised to know that many clients just want to talk and hang out with you. New escorts who are just starting off in cities such as Perth or Adelaide will learn quickly that some clients just want company and someone to spend some time with.

Other clients who may book with you will want a little bit more such as kissing, cuddling and affection in general. Each and every client has different requirements and expectations of you, that's why it's wise to include professional and selfies of yourself wearing ordinary everyday clothing.

Wear Casual Clothes for Clients Who Just Like to Hang Out

For those clients who would just like to hang out with you in your hotel room or place of work, they are usually looking for an escort who can wear casual clothing such as jeans, gym wear or even just a casual pretty dress. These types of clients are looking for connection, affection and someone to talk to in general. So, when you are working make sure you have a variety of ordinary causal clothing options that you can offer your clients.

So, if you would like to increase the amount of money each time you work, make sure to include some selfies of you wearing casual clothes and let the clients know what you can wear for them on that particular day. Try and put as much effort into your escort ad as possible, that way you broaden your audience, which inevitably results in making more money!

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Be Prepared for All Types of Clients

Obviously, not all clients are going to be suitable for you, nor will you want to accept any and every client that messages you for one reason or another, however, for those clients who are a good fit for you, then it's always best to include as many professional and selfie photos you can showing all of your assets as well as your offerings.

For those suitable high paying clients who are willing to pay you exceptionally, then try your best to show your versatility as well as your personality by including as many selfies as you possibly can.

Update Your Selfies on a Regular Basis

Update your selfies on a regular basis and don't rely on a few simple blurry selfies to showcase what you have to offer. Invest time and imagination into your professional and selfie photos so that you can stand out from the other professional escorts who take their profession extremely seriously.

When you take your daily selfies, make sure that you have as much natural light as possible, otherwise, they can present dark, dingy and blurry. Consider your poses, make sure you mix them up on regular basis and be creative with your poses as well. Take selfies from all different angles and be sure to include close-ups of your assets and disguise the parts of your body that don't show up in photos as well.

Show Your Versatility

If you are willing and feel comfortable with showing your versatility, then you could potentially make more money when working as an escort or courtesan in a country such as Australia.

Being versatile allows various types of clients the opportunity to use your escort services. By including sex costumes, sexy lingerie and everyday type of clothing into your escort offerings, you may find that you will capture a wider audience, thus resulting in more revenue.

Keep a Lingerie, Sex Costume and Ordinary clothing Kit with You

Each and every time you work as an escort or sex worker in cities of Australia such as Darwin or Cairns and even Canberra, make sure that you have a kit full of sexy lingerie, sexy costumes, props and everyday ordinary clothing.

You never know what clients will be looking for on any given day, and if a client has seen a photo of you in a certain piece of clothing, lingerie or a sex costumes, then they may want to book with you based on the fact that you have that particular piece with you.

Take Fresh New Selfies Daily with What You Have to Offer

Because it's literally impossible to carry around every single piece of clothing that you have been seen before in your escort ads, the best way to get around this is to take daily selfies of what you actually have with you on that given day and let clients know what you have by taking fresh new photos of you wearing those items.

This may seem like a lot of work, however, if you are quiet and have nothing better to do than to just wait around for a booking, then you can spend your time wisely and take as many selfies as you can wearing as many outfits that you have with you. Make sure you update your escort ad each and every time you work so that you can make as much money as you can.

For those clients who request a particular piece of clothing, lingerie or even a sex costume and you don't have it with you, let them know that you can have it with you on a particular day and would they like to book with you then. Some clients will actually wait if they know that you can have that particular item within a day or two.


Include Photos of You in Various Locations

Professional escorts who work in cities around Australia such as Newcastle, Rockhampton and Noosa Heads, know that taking professional and selfie photos of themselves wearing a variety of clothing options in various locations may increase your appeal to a broader spectrum of potential clients.

By taking selfies and professional photos in various locations, you can quite often show your versatility and personality in a different light. If you only ever take selfies in one particular place that you consistently work from, you may find that existing and potentially new clients who search on a regular basis, will become bored of seeing you in the same old location each and every time.

Switch It Up on A Regular Basis

Switch it up on a regular basis, by looking for locations that you can take selfies in. You don't have to wear lingerie or sexy costumes in locations that may not be private, however, you can take photos of yourself in everyday ordinary clothing such as pretty dresses, shorts, jeans, even gym wear.

Many clients are looking for professional escorts who can offer them a wide variety of sex and companionship services, so here is your chance to show them that you are not just a pretty face, that you are also feminine, smart and funny escort who has a lot to offer clients who are willing to pay them well for their professional escort services.

Location Ideas

When you are just new and starting out as a professional escort, you may be stuck for location ideas for your selfies and professional escort services. Basically, you can look for locations that have a good background appeal such as the beach. Try and take yourself in a sexy bikini or in a summer dress with the waves or some palm trees in the background.

If you are a gym junkie, why not take some sexy photos of you working out at the gym with fitness equipment in the background.

Many escorts in Australia love to travel to various counties overseas, so why not take some feminine photos of yourself in locations such as Italy, Paris or Greece. Overseas location selfies are a great way to demonstrate that you love to travel and experience new countries, some clients may find that fascinating about you.

You can include iconic landmarks in your selfie backgrounds to showcase your beauty, femininity and personality.

Make sure that you include as many location selfies as possible, you really do want to be able to present yourself in various locations and situations to entice potential new clients.

Mix It Up

Not all clients are looking for the same things in escorts, courtesans and sex workers, so in order to appeal to as many clients as you can, try and mix it up as much as you can as often as you can.

Each and every escort that advertises their sex and companionship services has something unique and different to the next escort, so make sure you portray that to potential and existing clients who are looking for a new and different experience.

If You Want to be a Successful escort

At the end of the day, if you want to be a successful escort who makes plenty of money on a regular basis, then you need to do whatever you can to show that in your escort ads.

Presenting yourself in the best way possible should always be your first port of call when it comes to making money and lasting in the sex industry. There is room for each and every escort who is willing to put in effort into their escort ads and profession, you just need to be creative, inventive and willing to put the effort in on a daily basis when you work.

In Summary

Learning and knowing how to present yourself in escort ads may take you some time to figure out, usually trial and error is the secret to successful escort adverting, so please have some patience when it comes to creating escort ads that will present you in your best light and make you the type of money that you were thinking of.

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