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Name: Larissa
Age: 26
Height: 167cm (5ft 6in)
City: London
Locations: Lancaster Gate
Listed: Thu 21st Oct 21 6:27pm
Larissa 26Yrs Old Escort 167CM Tall London Image - 0
Larissa 26Yrs Old Escort 167CM Tall London Image - 1
Larissa 26Yrs Old Escort 167CM Tall London Image - 0
Larissa 26Yrs Old Escort 167CM Tall London Image - 1

This is just a little memorandum or update on one of our girls here; they say it´s always better late than never and that´s one philosophy that we believe in to a certain degree. While we were double checking things here with the enormous list of girls we advertise for we noticed that someone copied exact content off of Larissa´s page on our website to her profile here! OMG! That´s a NO/NO and every person in charge of website administration should know that! We don´t want to get in to trouble with ""Micro-Soft-Head" and/or "Mr. Goggly Eyes" ranks for duplicate content now do we? Not really so we´re making something fun new and exciting for you to read about. Yay! In reference to being better late than never you could say we are doing a little spring cleaning here although it´s going to be over soon and Summer will be upon us. Technically spring is March 20th to June 21, 2017 so you see spring is coming to a close. Larissa is a great girl to cuddle with and wait for summer to arrive.



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At Playful it's simply about Fun!
Our girls are chosen because they are sexy and they enjoy what they do. That is reflected in the quality of the service that they give you, but not in the price.
You won't find better value than Playful. Also we are available 24/7 and we cover the whole of the Greater London Area.
If you are at Gatwick or Heathrow give us a call, we will get you a girl within the hour.

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