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Name: Valery
Age: 25
Height: 165cm (5ft 5in)
City: London
Locations: Earls Court
Listed: Thu 21st Oct 21 6:49pm
Valery 25Yrs Old Escort 165CM Tall London Image - 0

*Please contact Saucy London Escorts Agency to confirm the current rates and most up to date information.


ONE HOUR:£600£600

About Saucy London

This is a London based escort agency that aims to introduce some of the naughtiest ladies to the very naughty gentleman of London.

The saucy escort girls are also are available for travel throughout the UK, Europe and around this lovely planet! Certain ladies can travel to Uranus as well. Each of our London escorts offers different adult services, so please see each of their portfolio pages for details.

So sit back and take your time to explore this lovely online boudoir of ours! For any questions please call or email and our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions! We assure you that all pictures here are genuine and recent, and most importantly the voice on the other end of the phone has definitely met every one of the saucy girls.

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